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Question #1250848869Friday, 21-Aug-2009
Category: INFp Theory
Is it normal for someone not to really have a 'trail of thought'? Because I don't really have one.... Instead I imagine myself talking to other people, remember things that have happened previously, and try to imagine the future and stuff like that... Am I a bit mad, lol? I haven't always thought this way, I've only been like this for about a year. I've always been like this to some extent, but now it's a lot more extreme... Interestingly, my way of thinking changed quite suddenly, for no apparent reason... -- Simon the INFp
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A1 apart from leading Ti or Te types, I don't know that anyone has a very linear trail of thought, which i assume is what you're getting at. Types with Ti or Te in producing/2nd position would probably do a fair amount of logical step-by-step thinking, but certainly leading Ne does not make for linear thinking all the time. Same could probably be said of Fi, Fe, Si, Se. -- S
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A2 A1: Ok, good, lol. Because I've heard so much about it! -- Simon the INFp
A3 A different question, but what are differences in the way the different types think? -- Simon the INFp
A4 To your first question: I think like that *all the time.* -- ENFp
A5 Ni types have the strongest internal thought stream focus. However, it may not be apparent to others, since the function is introverted. The "currents" run so quickly that more conceptual data gets efficiently swept along that cognitive path than any other function. However, it would be impossible to express every change moment to moment, and takes a lot of patience - perhaps too much sometimes - to walk others through it step-by-step to explain Ni conclusions. Not to mention, a waste of time, as the final result is typically reliable to a remarkable degree. This "mystery" results in others not always being able to follow the verbally expressive ideations of Ni-ego types. The type has a better opportunity through the written word, where time is on their side. Now the patience is required of the reader to assimilate all of the content. You have typed yourself as INFP, but you are not. You sound more like a writer posing to be one. You do not think nor write like one. Ni is sensitive to conceptual rhythms other types are not. I am one of them. While I don't know what your type is, offhand, if you are truly NF, dominant Ne sounds more likely. Or at least, Ne-valuing. Your "problem" - if it exists as you say - may stem from not exercising your secondary Fi function strongly enough to reach your Ne - ie. - goals, beliefs, focusing on the main point. Contrast this with the insight and inquiry intrinsic to the deeper, exploratory thought paths of Ni. -- Anonymous
A6 Maybe you are a walk-in. -- Anonymous
A7 i don't know. For me one key difference,... and i don't know how this relates to socionics... is in whether u are a visual or logical thinker. i am more of a visual thinker than a logical thinker... and so often i don't identify steps in my thinking. i know what u saying... i've been wondering if this is an age thing. except that when i think deeply i come to the same MASS conclusions i came to a while ago. Its like alot of visuo maps stringed by Ordinances of Logical Imperitive. i've noticed to, that while thinking seems flat as u described, as-soon as i input steps on paper, a very logical formulae appears... apparently filled with logic. and hence the myth of INTPs being logic thinkers is perpetuated by such non-logical processes -- @sirac
A8 A5: No, I'm pretty certain I'm an INFp, Ni is definately my strongest function. I constantly analyse people, and when I'm talking to people I can't see, like on the internet, I think carefully about almost every word I say, and imagine their effects and on different people. People freqently ask me if I was listening to a word they were saying even when I've been with them for quite a while, sitting right next to them. I find it completely natural to 'tune out'... I definately express myself through written words than verbal communication.. (In fact, people often think I'm a bit thick, when I talk to them, lol). I suppose I don't think like many INFp's, because I almost constantly feel under threat by people, which kind of makes my thoughts based on 'survival' to a certain extent... Many of my thoughts focus on how to get people to respect me, and how to defend myself without actually saying anything and do this without coming across as anti-social at the same time, which is difficult, lol). I can do this very well, people don't mess with me anymore, lol, and people don't think I'm some nut, (even though I am a bit crazy, lol). I think I have a very good understanding of how society works, and a very noticeably poor ability to use logic. -- Simon the INFp
A9 Simon the INFp that's exactly who I am but after the " I can do this very well, people don't mess with me anymore, lol, and people don't think I'm some nut" i'd probably add a "however they think i am an evil cookie aka bitch" :< Sofou the INFP -- Anonymous
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