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Question #1250579375Tuesday, 18-Aug-2009
Category: Celebrities Typing
What type was Jim Morrison, lead singer of The Doors? -- Anonymous
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A1 He was a very far out dude...he has definitely done his fair share of drugs. But I really want to say INTj. Especially because he was a wild, crazy sex symbol one year, and then the next, he was an uptight, bearded drunk. If he's not INTj (which is very possible) he's got to be INFp. Probably INFp -- Anonymous
A2 I consider Jimi Hendrix INFP but Jim Morrison is complex and hard to type. I read his bio and I'd recommend it to anyone. He actually was a genius (he tested 151 in highschool performance test), so there is more to his lyrics than drugs/sex/. He was deeply interested in freudian pyschoanaylitics/ carl jung's archetypal psychology and fredrich nichzsche (apparently this stuff was very exciting to campus' across america because it was very anti-establishment and appealed to the liberation movement at the time). In the song "the end", there is the lyrics: "father I want to kill you, mother I want to f-k you", he's expressing the oedipus complex! Aside from that, I'd guess he is INFP, but was not your typical INFP - he has issues. -- Anonymous
A3 Jim Morrison, ESFP "The Life of the Party" excessive emotionality and attention seeking -- jgbr
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A4 He seems to be more of an N than an S, given his heavy interest in philosophy, and the ways in which he intertwines it into his poetry and lyrics. Though superficially he may seem to be a sensation-seeking rockstar, he was, in my opinion, more of a poet than anything. If you read any biography on him, or even look at his poetry, you'll see that he was quite the visionary and the idealist; he had a vision of human freedom and self-expression that he held onto to the very end. In the end, you might say his idealism wasted and destroyed him. Yes, he did do many drugs, and was very much the sex symbol, but I think this stems more from his dedication to the Nietzschean philosophy of embracing the human body and the senses than anything else; and INFps, in particular, often try to make sure that their actions align with their ideals and values, in an attempt to be "authentic." Additionally, he seemed to be quite alienated, which is expressed in the lyrics of songs like "People are Strange," and it's quite common for N's to feel alienated in a world that does not match their ideals. My theory is that he turned to poetry, philosophy, and drugs in order to lessen this feeling of alienation and to find some sense of freedom and self-expression. Whether he's an INFp or not, I can't really say, but I think the N, at least, and probably the p are both pretty evident. He also strikes me as more of an F than a T, but something tells me he could be borderline. Bear in mind, though, that he probably wasn't in the healthiest state, given his extensive drug use, so this makes typing accurately infinitely more difficult. -- Anonymous
A5 ESTP I'd guess, a very well-read intelligent Beta ST. His work attracts a lot of Beta types from what I've observed in life. He VIs mostly like a ESTP (or ESFP), his girlfriend Pam seemed INFP or ENFJ. -- INTJ
A6 I have made a mistake at A3. James Douglas "Jim" Morrison, lead singer and lyricist of the rock band The Doors (MBTI: ENFJ), (Socionics: Hamlet), "The Altruist", "Jedi Master of the social sphere", Pedagogue, Actor, Envisioner, Mentor, Leader, Charismatic, Influential, able change your world with their ability to communicate ideas and unite people together in common pursuits, Their "prime directive" is to be helpful to others, they are ethical, honest, and trustworthy, has victim attitude, long-suffering etc. -- jgbr
A7 jgbr-your allways bull****ing!don't know how do you it. he is an INFp, mybe ENFj. -- Anonymous
A8 A7. Take it easy. I make lot of mistakes in typing but I am willing to correct the errors. The end-result is probably accurate here. -- jgbr
A9 A7-OK,thats appreciated.but i think you mybe sould change your technique.i'm typing people acording to they speech and body describing the person you will go no where because people may act very differntly in different situations. sorry if i sent this twice (pleace dont publish the first). by the way - are you a S type ?( you dont have to answer). have a nice day. -- Anonymous
A10 Definitely ISTP, just like Val Kilmer -- Anonymous
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