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Question #1249903787Monday, 10-Aug-2009
Category: Type me!!!
Alright. Type me, please? I've taken many personality type tests, and have pretty much gotten the same answer each time... But for some reason I'm doubtful. I'll tell you as much about myself as I possibly can in a few paragraphs (more or less). I remember my childhood quit clearly. I have always been very sensitive, and very intune with the emotions around me. I was also very much alone most of the time, playing by myself, almost always outdoors, in my own fantasy lands. I'd make friends with inanimate objects (like trees!), but with all the neighbor kids too. I always had a story in my head, and I always needed to explore everything. Nothing much as changed. From kindergarten on up, I've had a talent for writing. Now, as a young adult, I am especially skilled. I am an artist as well. I enjoy photography as well as plain old doodling. Not only do I like most types of art (music is a big one too), but I am very. fond of the outdoors. I like to just wander the woods, adventure, you know. My sense of emotions has grown as well, and I commonly can tell how almost everyone is feeling. One thing I find being both an advantage and diadvantage is my empathy. I am very empathetic. I almost cried over a sad story on a reality show today, for example... I could share with you my thoughts on what I am, and provide information as to why, but I want to see what YOU decide. I hope what I have provided is enough. Thanks for your time. -- Anonymous
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A1 INFp -- Anonymous
A2 INFp -- Anonymous
A3 Well. You guys are close. I'm an ENFP with introverted aspects. Wow. -- Anonymous
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