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Question #1248606302Sunday, 26-Jul-2009
Category: T/F Theory
Is it true that F types have a problem of expecting too much (illogically even) more than T types? -- frustrated
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A1 Yes. -- Anonymous
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A2 F types usually have a big conscience, and want everyone else to as well. They think T types can be insensitive. And T types think they are overly-sensitive. It's the classic dilemma. -- ISFj Tina
A3 It just sucks cause a lot of times I think Fs look down upon Ts for not fulfilling their expectations as compared to other Fs and their respective duals.. and then get all mean & start alienating some Ts. -- Anonymous
A4 This article might be of great interest for you to read: It explains in details how T vs F conflicts goes -- Anonymous
A5 yes Fs can be contemptuous of Ts. I've felt the scorn of a woman and been shamed by my peers numerous times and for that reason Ts find solice with minorities and eccentric women - there is no need to pity a T if your a F. -- Anonymous
A6 I think this notion of Fs expecting too much or Ts expecting too much is often actually the misunderstanding between two very similar types or an TiFe type and an FeTi type. It's funny to observe how two Fs quarrell claiming the other "is being too emotional" and "expecting too much sympathy" or "expressing sympathy in an unnecessarily exaggerated way" etc. etc. The thing is that in the case of two similar F types, each of them expects the other to behave "logically" and "reasonably" like their T Duals do, but actually they behave like the other does, including the flaws, and nobody likes to see their flaws. In the case of two Ts they expect "a reasonable level of empathy" (i.e. the level that their ideal Dual would have) but instead, the other is just being practical like they themselves would be, so no support. And in the case of an TiFe and an TeFi they have different understanding of what emotionality or rationality is, so it's easy to start thinking "why doesn't he behave rationally, or at least emotionally in the way that I know..." etc. etc.... And IMO expectations out of the bounds of emotionality or rationality, like amount of work, are determined by upbringing, not type. -- Ezis (ESFp)
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