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Question #1248303283Wednesday, 22-Jul-2009
Category: ENTp Marriage Relationship Dating
How would an ENTp-ENTp dating/marriage/relationship work?... especially marriage -- Anonymous
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A1 Yes yes it would be wondrous. -- Anonymous
A2 if u can get him to the point of committing to one of those relationships, then it might be great. but that seems unlikely to me. in my experience, the closer we get, the more we push each other away. despite how much we care for each other, we're both so unable to let go of our uncertainty about the relationship and just be together that it never becomes a real romantic relationship. i think we both want to be loved and since we understand each other so well we think we're the ones that will give that love, but there is no give, only waiting to take. -- Anonymous
A3 I guess if one ENTp can get to a point where they realise that what they are looking for in the other ENTp is what one already is...and then evaluate how much they love themselves (in a positive healthy sense), then they may even loose themselves in each other (since they have no idea of psychological distance ... very little abilities that is - which may have some interesting spin-offs here). i.e. if each can help the other (even if it may mean passively as a mirror or video which the other can see themselves without any harsh judgements, but in love) to get to love themselves, even with their annoyingly nagging vulnerabilities (and laugh at them! and themselves) they may just turnout to feel like soulmates - not in a lock and key fashion, but as in an "aha! if i can love him/her, then i can love myself as well!" or even "if she can be loved (by me), then i can be loved (by him/her)" ... even to the point of concluding that "I cannot live without him/her" in a very extroverted intuitive manner - totally logical and playful, pragmatic and real as ENTp's would like to have it.... i think it can workout to be a smashing relationship actually.... if only it can take off!?!?!?!? -- Anonymous
A4 Sounds like a barrel of monkeys. -- ENTP
A5 you'd understand each other very well and that would be very, very exciting at first. but then you'd get bored. Ironically, you'll reach a point when the characteristic you share will fade into the background, and you'll mostly notice the small differences between you. But even these will not be enough to relieve the tedium. As "just friends", having someone with an intuitive understanding of exactly what you're /thinking/ is fun. But in terms of deeper /feelings/- rather than thoughts- communication will be difficult if not impossible, even when you consciously try. You'll end up avoiding it out of awareness that you can't deal with it. Also, ENTps LOVE growth in relationships, it's really important to them, and that will not happen in an ENTp-ENTp relationship. You will stagnate. So "Comfortable", yes, sort of, but not "exciting". Basically, not an excellent idea. I speak from experience. We're friends now- but trying to make it more was SO not a good idea >_< -- ENTp female
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A6 Boring. -- :-)
A7 ENTP here. I find that all my lasting friends are IxxP's, and that all other relationships are flings. They are great short term, but aren't constant relationships. Of all the Exxx's, ENTP's are the best to talk to. However I couldn't see myself in a dating relationship with one. Unless she was really pretty. But definitely not forever. Forever is scary. -- ENTP
A8 My parents are both entp's. It was hell for most of the 17 years they were married. Mind you, I don't think it was entirely because they were identical types; they were immature and ill-matched, and actually competitive with one another-who couldn't see that it would fail? And when you intuitively know exactly how another person experiences the world because it's the same as you, well... there aren't enough surprises in the relationship to keep it going long term. I'm strongly attracted to other entp's, but I make sure that it's never a sexual/romantic relationship. -- garry
A9 Not the best. Only if they are both pretty smart with relationships, otherwise they will compete and do all sorts of weird things to each other. -- :-)
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