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Question #1248168852Tuesday, 21-Jul-2009
Category: INTj Functions Duality j/p Intertype Relations
I am an INTJ and i have a low J preference percentage(and no this is not the typical "am I an INTJ or INTP" question). i am positive i am an INTJ after much research. so in this particular situation does a low percentage effect inter-type relations at all? Duality in particular because the similar life style functions that duality partners share..... -- -LII
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A1 I am not sure if I understand it right, but I'd say yes, it affect relationships. Theoretically, in Socionics, if you were an INTj with low j preference, that might mean you are an Ne subtype. And that would mean you will get along best with ESjs who are Si subtype. It is my experience that you can get along very well with your Duals who are not your kind of subtype but you can really, really be yourself only around your Duals whose subtype matches yours. -- Ezis (ESFp)
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A2 Most likely you are an Intuitive subtype of a LII. I had the same problem. Check out wikisocon's page on subtypes. I hope that helps. -- Anonymous
A3 hmmm, interesting question. just off the top of my head, i can think of two possible effects on lifestyle preference...a) the low j preference makes you more adaptable to different lifestyles, i.e. both planned out and flexible/spontaneous b) it causes you to prefer a particular kind of lifestyle that is somewhere between routine/planned out and spontaneous, i.e. a lifestyle that is only very loosely planned out. and i guess if either of these was the case, then that would make you more compatible with someone who has a similar level of lifestyle planned-spontaneous preference -- S
A4 my Question was more to do with my compadibilty with ESS(ESFp) since duality(ESFj) and conflicting (ESFp) are worlds apart would my low J preference beeing the intuitive subtype make me more compadible? i ask because i get along with my ESS sister for the most part, and i dont know if this is just family sentiment or something more to do with my specific intuitive type...have any of you expreirienced this ? -- LII
A5 When you are Conflicting types, you cannot get along well even if you are relatives. I dont get along neither with INTjs Ti subtypes, neither with Ne subtypes. My grandma is an INTj and I can understand her better than other INTjs but still am not able to talk to her. It is more probable your sister is a different type than ESFp. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A6 In true INTj style, I systematically studied my friends and family, noting the characteristics that I liked and disliked, and this helped me immensely in determining my own preferences, and idiosyncrasies. I found that a successful relationship was more about finding someone who could put up with my own quirks than it was about finding someone that I could like. However, you can read all the manuals and kick all the tires, but until you take one out for a test drive, you'll never really know. -- I/O
A7 I am a LII Intuitive subtype with a SEE sister. My whole family unit is Alpha except her. Her party-like antics with my family's child-like personality was a bad combination for her and those who lived with her. I couldn't stand being with her, but I understand her psyche well enough to react to her poor decesions well enough that our relationship is realively tension free (expect for the moments I **** her off with why her logic is illogical). When she started dating and living with another SEE, she started to be the logical one of the two. I convinced to come home for a week, and he stalled both of us from leaving for three hours on the phone from their apartment saying he had "dependcy issues" and was going to start cutting himself and so on. She kept feeding him cliques, "baby... baby... you know I love you." I had to spoon-feed some more helpful pharse to her; for example, "you need to grow some emotional balls." On the several hour ride home, I explain to her and suggest what kind of man she needed (hint: an ILI). She liked the description and we had a pleasent converstation for the first two hours, and hell broke loose when I ****ed her off with my logic (I can only pretend to be a ILI for so long). She went back a week later to that psycho SEE, and we still don't get along that great. My question for you is what quadra dominates your family? It might explain alot about why you two get along. -- Anonymous
A8 well, to answer your question i am an alpha(INTj) mother, delta(INFj) father& eldest sister, delta(ENFp) and my sister in question, gamma (ESFp). i will make a note that this our relationship has been rockey up until adulthood but even so we still have our quarells(i suppose i just immagine conflicting relations as beeing unbearable maybe i am just putting them in too much of a sinister light, we do not have pictureesqe relationship, but we have learened to tolerate eachother) . our family is slightly dominated by delta types, and another important note, our family is a devorce family so i dont know if that has any effect on the effect of the family structure and how that would effect our relations. -- Anonymous
A9 {A7}-my family is made up of mostly delta types, my father(ENFp) my mother(INFJ) my eldest sister(ENFp), i am the only alpha(INTj) and my sister in question (ESFp) is the only gamma in our immediate family. -- LII
A10 @ A3 I am an INTJ with low J preference just like the asker of this question, and I must say that both a.) AND b.) are EXTREMELY accurate when applied to myself. -- Dragifon (INTJ!!!!!!!!!!) XD
A11 I am also a low scoring j INTj and will sometimes score INTp. What helped me in sorting it out was the following: *I read the INTj or INTp article and found I fit INTj far better than INTp *I read up on the functions and their placements. INTj has base and creative. INTp has base and creative. Detailed descriptioins of the functions and their placements can be found on *Relationship wise, I get along best overall with people in the alpha quadra (INTj, ISFp, ESFj, ENTp). This last one was the real clincher in arriving at my type. -- Anonymous
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