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Question #1246267078Monday, 29-Jun-2009
Category: Typing Fictional characters
Does anyone watch That 70's Show? I was watching it the other day, and I began wondering what type the characters were. What do you think? I'm more or so interested in Eric, Donna, Fez, Hyde, Kelso, and Jackie. -- Anonymous
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A1 Oh man that's funny I typed them some time ago! Here're my results: Eric: ENFj Donna: ESFj Fez: INFp Hyde: ENTp Kelso: ESTp Jackie: ESFp just for the record: Red: INTj Kitty: ESFj -- David
A2 I think Hyde-ISTp, Donna-ESTj, Eric-ENFp, Jackie-ESFp, Kelso-ENFj?, Fez-ISFp, Red-ISTj, Kitty-ESFj, Laurie-ENFj. The relationships make sense too; Eric's best friend=dual, girlfriend=activity, other close friend Fez=semi-dual, father=conflictor. Both Donna and Hyde hate Laurie, Delta ST vs Beta NF. Hyde's Illusionary relationship with Jackie. Red's wife is his semi-dual and he favors his ENFj dual daughter over his ENFp conflictor son -- An INFj
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A3 I agree more with A2, except I think Jackie is an ESFJ or ESTJ, she's too controlling to be an ESFP. KELSO- ESFP for sure! ...the rest I agree with! -- Anonymous
A4 A3, I think you may be confusing a Socionics ESFp with an MBTI ESFP, which are not the same type. A Socionics ESFp has leading Se, which can make them prone to being forceful, especially when it concerns Fi expectations, that is what Jackie does. She expects certain things in her relationships and is direct about them, when someone doesn't fulfill them she becomes aggressive and tries to make others feel guilty about it. I'm not saying that all ESFp's are like this, but that's more of an extreme example of SeFi -- An INFj
A5 Eric - ENFp, Donna - ESTj, Hyde - ISTp, Kelso - ESFp, Jackie - ESFj, Fez - ESTp. Red - ISTj, Kitty - ENFj, the two have dual relations. -- Anonymous
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