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Question #1245943197Thursday, 25-Jun-2009
Category: Relationship Intertype Relations
What are the most compatable relations after duality, identical, activity and mirror? -- Simon the INFp
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A1 In my honest opinion, I don't think mirror or identical are compatible in intimate relationships, but outside of that they're okay. In a mirror or identical relationship both members will try to get the other to fulfill their Super-id, maybe not right away, but the longer the relationship continues the more you'll notice this; they'll attempt to coerce the other, in an almost competitive manner, which leaves both feeling misunderstood and unsatisfied. I would go with (1)Duality, (2)Activity, (3)Semi-Duality, (4)Illusionary. -- An INFj
A2 Na... my girlfriend's an INFp, and we get along great! -- Simon the INFp
A3 Socionics compatibility is often talked about in terms of quadras, with one's own quadra providing the most compatibility and the opposing quadra offering the least and adjacent quadras supplying an intermediate level. This is correct, but also oversimplified. Technically, the quadra is not the most socionically favorable unit, but the dyad, or dual pair is. Beyond the quadra, the relations that most closely replicate the dyad are *semi-duality, illusionary, comparative, and look-a-like.* If it's not intuitively obvious how these relations are structurally similar to intra-dyad relations, read this: -- Anonymous
A4 A1: I agree, just in my life this has proven most compatible for me: 1) Duality, 2) Illusionary, 3) Semi-Duality, 4) Look-a-like, 5) Mirror. I didn't include Activity because it's quite difficult for two hyperactive extroverts, and I left out Identity, too, because two ESFps, that's just crazy, we can have the greatest fun in the world for half an hour and then become totally uninterested in each other. Compatibility is partly influenced by your family background - if your family consists entirely of your Semi-Duals, for example, of course you will know better how to communicate with them than with your Activity or Illusionary types. I also think that Ej-Ij and Ep-Ip polarity matters a lot, sometimes even more than quadra values (notice that we both mention Illusionary and Semi-Dual relations). -- Ezis (ESFp)
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