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Question #1245568081Sunday, 21-Jun-2009
Category: INFj Love Dating Attraction Relationship
What do INFjs (esp males) typically do when they like someone? Do you guys believe in love at first sight? If you do, and think it just happened to you would you pursue? Thanks -- glitterbug
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A1 I can't speak on behalf of males, since I'm not one, but I would imagine they share a similar perspective... It's very unlikely that an INFj male will pursue someone unless that person has made it obvious that they want to be pursued. INFj's dislike flattery, smothering and other behavior which may come across as possessive or entitled (Se vulnerable), which is one of the main reasons we don't initiate relationships. It isn't until we have analyzed you and your feelings towards us that we'll feel comfortable making any sort of connection. We tend to tip-toe around people out of fear of offending or being hurt, it's kind of an avoidant complex. I would doubt that many INFj's believe in Love At First Sight, it seems like a rather Te rejecting belief. I could have strong feelings for someone I never met if I knew enough about them and respected them, but I could never love someone blindly, there needs to be a connection first or else it's just attraction. -- An INFj
A2 I agree strongly with A1. I'm an INFj male and is of the exact same conviction. To get my attention, love and eventually initiative, you would have to sit through several hours of conversation for me to start wanting to pursue. This is a fact that has been frustrating me for years. The inability to act, even though the signals from across the table might be quite strong. I have to be sure. Always preventing heartache. -- Bwyan
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