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Question #1245133818Tuesday, 16-Jun-2009
Category: Celebrities Typing
Whats the type of Miley Cyrus? -- Anonymous
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A1 ENFp, about 90% sure -- An INFj
A2 I would say either ESFP or ESFJ. -- Steven (ENFp)
A3 ENFp. -- Anonymous
A4 ESFp. Doesn't she seem to share a somewhat similar "look" with other ESFp celebrities? Elvis Presley and Elizabeth Taylor are good points of comparison, IMO. -- Anonymous
A5 ENFp, almost absolutely. -- INFp guy
A6 From what I've seen in some of her interviews and a bit of her show I can't see any Se at all. ESFj would have been my next guess but ENFp fits better and I think her father is an ISTp, so it works -- An INFj
A7 Another ESTP who'll probably grow up to be a slut like Madonna and Britney. -- Anonymous
A8 A7, lol, I won't bet against it -- Anonymous
A9 A7 I'm guessing you are INFJ...You sound like one. -- Steven (ENFp)
A10 definitely ENFP -- Selle (ENFp)
A11 INTP -- Anonymous
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A12 Hello. She is ESFp. -- :-)
A13 seems like an ENFp to me. -- Anonymous
A14 -N-P, perhaps ENTP. Why are most guesses Feeling? She appears vulnerable here, not strong. -- Anonymous
A15 A14: She has zero Fe, that's why. -- Anonymous
A16 Based om her song in which she describes herself or her friends say she's just being Miley, I would say ENFP. Otherwise by observation alone ESFP. -- Anonymous
A17 who cares -- Anonymous
A18 A17: The person who posted the question. -- Anonymous
A19 A15: Ooo, and we know how much those ENTPs and INTJs are OOzing with extraverted feeling!!!!!!! -- Anonymous
A20 ENFp is plausible, or some other NF (ENFj or INFp). It's also my opinion that Britney and Madonna are also NF (definitely not INFj of course), but NF nevertheless. -- Anonymous
A21 ENFj (EIE)/Beta NF should definitely be considered for all of them: Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Madonna, etc. -- Anonymous
A22 estp...isn't it obvious? -- Anonymous
A23 To be honest, I've always believed Miley Cyrus to be an ESFP, as with her love for life and wanting to live in the moment, she seemed to fit the description of this personality type perfectly. However, I can definetly see her as being more of an ENFP when I look more into her personality and actions. I'm almost certain that she is an extrovert and a feeler, along with being more perceptive than judging, but if I had to choose one specific type for her, I'd say ENFP as well. -- Anonymous
A24 Shes the type that is apparently really hard to type because she only types on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter typically. The following typography shows the typical response from this type of question. ಠ_ಠ -- Mythikh
A25 ESFj Fe subtype. a24 haha -- Anonymous
A26 Miley Cyrus, ISTP, Challenge-seeker, Capable of humorously insightful observations about the world around them. Gravitate toward fast-moving or risky hobbies, recreational sports and careers. Sometimes seem to act without regard for procedures, directions, protocol or even their own safety.

-- jgbr
A27 A26. Incorrect. Miley is ESFj Fe subtype. -- Anonymous
A28 if anything that video showed she was NOT Fe PoLR and instead Fe leading or at least in ego block. note at 3:20 the expressively sad face, and 2:27 the cross eyed face. and when she says "he's not a singer" about 4:15. i can tell she is a beta extravert, Fe valuing for sure not PoLR. SLI's are reserved in general and from the little i've seen of her (i don't like her music and i've never had a reason to type her before) she is NOT like that. -- Anonymous
A29 I have to correct my previous mistake A26. Miley Cyrus American actress, pop singer-songwriter, (MBTI: ISFP), (Socionics: Dumas), "Still water runs deep", lives by feelings, egalitarian, relaxed, Quiet, Reserved, Sensitive, ambivalent, has good ability to build relationships, hides the intense need for privacy, Enjoys the moment, may become uncooperative, contrary and stubborn, loves intrigues, has difficulty to recognize own incompetence, discharges anger indirectly etc. -- jgbr
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