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Question #1245045541Monday, 15-Jun-2009
Category: ENTp ENFp Career Advice
I would like to know what all professions ENTps and ENFps are in or are aspiring to be in and would typically be happy in? Thanks! -- Anonymous
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A1 Back in my high school, i was an ENFP. I like to know variety of subjects, which allows me to carry on stimulating conversions. I wanted to become a teacher or a politician who can help in the country's development. Now I am ENTP. I would enjoy research. Especially the type at universities where there would not be deadlines looming over me. Field trips would be nice too. -- Anonymous
A2 Thanks! I'm having a hard time deciding what i wanna do and my type fluctuates between ENTp and ENFp, so i wanted to know what both types are happy doing or figured out what they wanna do. anywho now im considering possibly being a human resources manager with an industrial engineering major and psych minor becauseee i like optimizing and coming up with lots of new ideas for improvement, absolutely love motivating people, love math/engineering because its stimulating and challenging, love love love planning and looking at the big picture and i've always been good with people and at math. Though i'm still not sure... cause i like a lot of stuff! lol I would love to hear more from ENFps, ENTps AND people in the areas - io psychology, engineering, human resources, management to point out some benefits and drawbacks working in these fields. -- Anonymous
A3 ENTP here. I'm very good at math, but didn't want to do a math major because it has no point. Engineering looked like a one-way road, and I didn't like the lack of flexibility. I never really considered doctor or lawyer, never had enough drive. This results in me going into college doing a mess of psychcology, economics, and statistics and seeing where that takes me. May just end up becoming a professor or entrepreneur if things go that way. By the way, I know an ENTP looking at business by taking computer science major, and a ENFP doing microbiology research. -- ENTP
A4 I am an entp, going into international development, & im currently studying development theory in university. I like this career path because it involves adventure, culture & travel with the oppurtunity to work in a variety of contexts to come up with unique "solutions", I guess you could call them. I also am increasingly interested economics and think if I was to pick a second major that would be it. -- Tricia
A5 As an ENFp I feel downright COMPELLED to follow my nose. I have tried too many jobs to list, have been trained as a Travel Agent (which I did well at) Data Base Admin (which I hated) and mostly tried to get art related jobs. At almost 40, I have landed in a sort of compromise with myself. I run a small graphic arts company, and also support my wife in her small grooming business. I say compromise, because running a business is not my forte. I am a bad documenter, lack organization, and tax time is the most stressful thing on earth. I do not, however, have to answer to somebody else's idea of who I need to be, and I live and die by the results of my own labor. Basically, though I know it will bite me in the butt, I do the minimum "business" stuff, and focus on the creative. My free time is spent making music, art, and my social life revolves around these things allowing me to feel like I am out there and not "missing" the new and exciting stuff. The internet can be a distraction, you know, things like this.... O.o -- ENFp
A6 I am an ENTP and I am striving to be a sociologist. I would like to work at a university and do research. -- Anonymous
A7 I'm ENFp and an aspiring computer technician. -- Anonymous
A8 im enfp and 26 and want to be urban planner, and for last 2 yrs got into stockmarket as a second interesting job -- Anonymous
A9 Graphic design and photography -- enfp
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A10 psychiatrist for 6 years and love it! been a physician for 2 years before it..loved that too!-ENFP -- SS
A11 Hi.. Im a ENFP.. and i'm into alot of stuff.. but i have narrowed it down to music... im a fan of alot off genres... this being something to do with me (ENFP) i wana be a producer/DJ.. and im starting now!! -- sparky
A12 entp- going to school to be a development officer for a NGO. -- Tricia
A13 i am at school and just about to fail my a levels. my career is like an inevitable road crash -- entp
A14 I'm a singer. When I get bored with one opera, my contract is usually about to end, and I start on a new project for another 6 weeks. Plus I get to travel, see new places, meet new people. It's the best job I could have ever asked for. -ENFp -- Anonymous
A15 ENFP: architect/activist -- Anonymous
A16 I am chief of La Cosa Nostra. -- ENTp
A17 Midwife, mother, just starting up a family day care business. Cannot find a life partner -- Sarah
A18 World Domination naturally, but I'll settle for Canada. Not because Canada is a push over, but because it's clean, filled with well mannered people, lots of space. Plus in the next decade when the middle east runs out of oil, and the world runs out of fresh water the US will become Canada's "Beneficiary" if you know what I mean. Then I'm going to invade Ukraine for about the same reasons. At that point the rest of the plan just kind of falls into place. The world's superpower is bending to my will on one hemisphere and will not interrupt, and in fact will supply all the war machinery necessary to wage a global war. Then it's not a matter of invading the world so much as unleashing Ukraine. Equip every ENTp socionicist to overthrow every known science/intelligence in the world. Short history lesson, of all of the ancient warrior cultures (Spartans, Samurai, Viking, Ninja, Cossacks) only the the cossacks continue to live on in spirit, not just in museums/professionals of ancient martial arts. Avoid invading Russia or Britain because that never works. Along the way there would be a bunch of unforeseen benefits. All those ENTp scientist would probably cure all the worlds diseases, and death. Invent a solar powered armor suit that makes you live forever. Or invent the matrix, which when fueled by ENTps turns into Skynet. Come on ENTps, put a little enthusiasm into your posts. TLDR: I'm just finishing a Bachelor of Technology, probably going for a Masters because Socionics tells me not to do grunt work. Work long enough to buy a small farm with a workshop where I can tinker for the rest of my life. Maybe move to the Falkland Islands for the farm location. -- Mythikh
A19 entp, massage therapist -- Anonymous
A20 Theory! Concepts! Theory! Theory! Theory! & More Concepts! We just can't get enough of ideas. -- Anonymous
A21 ENTP - studying International Relations with a minor in World Literature. Going into law. -- ENTP
A22 ENFP Here: I work as a pharmacy technician right now (seemingly, the bane job of an ENFP, but I've forced myself see it as an opportunity to give my free-spirited and "on a whim" personality some much needed discipline and follow through capability) But I do plan to go back after 3 years of paying back a loan and saving some money to become a Physicians Assistant, and or, possibly a Psychologist based in research... particularly getting into studying the field of Deception Detection. -- Marty
A23 Oh No. An ENFP counting pills? How did that happen? Maybe you can get your interaction fix by working the counter, helping the sick folks get some good ENFP advice. -- Anonymous
A24 Usually they can be found shining up fire hydrants - esp. the ENFPs, who like to shout and flirt at passersby while they pose and polish. The ENTPs will occasionally bang their heads against said hydrants in cases of excessive exposure to ENFJs. -- Anonymous
A25 I'm 26 and a Pawnbroker/entrepreneur. every day is a new adventure at work nothings the same and we always look to improve how we do business ENTp -- Anonymous
A26 ENFP - Fundraiser - love the work, love the job and interaction with other. Have loved when I have had an admin in the past to take care of those details. It is like being a storyteller and having the chance to connect people to make a difference! -- Anonymous
A27 TV Production major, changed careers at 35 to be graphic artist. Now have own freelance business 7 yrs, getting antsy again and ready for a change. Something meaningful. Social worker? Reporter? Fundraiser? ENFP -- Anonymous
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