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Question #1244977082Sunday, 14-Jun-2009
Category: Enneagram Celebrities Typing
After being very suprised to learn that any enneagram number can go with any personality type, I was wondering if anyone knew of any strange combinations that existed in celebrities? If not that, maybe some people you know, (or you) and what they/you are like. -- Simon the INFp
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A1 Where did you learn this? I don't think it's true. -- Anonymous
A2 I followed this link... -- Simon the INFp
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A3 Thanks. From what I can tell, a lot of people in socionics see enneagram as can be any socionics type as well. I really don't think it's the case, to me enneagram sort of describes the traits of a person with the main or ego block functions of socionics. For instance, I think enneagram 7 sounds like a description of someone with dominant socionics Ne, and enneagram 9 sounds like someone with socionics ego functions SiFe. Enneagram type four sounds like a description of an INFp. But really it's probably best to make your own conclusions. But I agree it is a bit suprising that any socionics type can be any enneagram type. I think your dual typically sounds like type 3 (at least it sounds like someone with dominant Se, so type 3 is most likely an ESXp). Given that enneagram isn't based on a sound logical principle like socionics is, I suppose it might be futile to draw 100% comparisons. -- Anonymous
A4 Although it's about MBTI and enneagram congruent and incongruent types combinations I think this link could be interesting The author of this article Pat Wyman has an enneagram type 3 and a MBTI type INFJ (Socionics INFp). Personally I have an enneagram type 5, a "guardian temperament" according to Keirsey's theory, a MBTI type ISFJ and a borderline Socionics type ISFj/ISTp. I read somewhere that Einstein had an enneagram type 9 and a MBTI type INTP (Socionics INTj). From different articles I noticed that often people think they have a type INTP (INTj) or INTJ (INTp) since their enneagram type is 5 and vice versa. From this article (MBTI!!! thus INTj for Socionics) half of what is said fits with me (E5) and half of what is said doesn't fit as I don't have an INTP (INTj) type. -- piccolo_michel
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