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Question #1244756633Thursday, 11-Jun-2009
Category: xNFx men
NF men, could you please give me an in depth description of yourself? Thanks -- Anonymous
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A1 Very moody, sometimes quite paranoid, can get along with anybody, but they tend to think I'm a bit weird, lol. Also quiet, very irresponsible and quite bad at looking after myself. On the plus side, I think I can be funny sometimes and people tend to like me. -- Simon the INFp
A2 Very stable, I'm not moody. I'm very compassionate and I like to help others. I don't like to be intrussive, but sometimes I am XD. I have ideals in everything, and try to accomplish them. I like to work and to help, I like to feel helpful. I don't like people who are rude, humilitating and have "evil" in their hearts. I'm naive and candid, sometimes I can be abused, it's true. I like to meet people and keep in touch with them. I enjoy fun and everything that involves a good emotional atmosphere, I have very close friends and normal friends. I don't like conflicts and arguments, I'm a mediator. My ideal is to make a positive influence in the world, setting an example of life, love and peace. And in my sense of humour, I have a very weird, sometimes dumb sense of humor. People laugh a lot, I can be tons of fun. People respect me most of the time and... I'm integral XDD. I thought I was INFJ, but after psychiatric medicine, I'm becoming open and sociable, like an ENFJ. -- José D.
A3 Tell us more about you simon!! -- Jose D.
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A4 I find that a lot of NF men are stereotyped (perhaps rightly so) as sensitive. That definitely applies to me. I am sensitive and I try to be kind to everyone. I like to think that I'm very accepting and forgiving, and I have strong nurturing qualities. I am very emotionally aware and I love helping people work through their personal problems, which I am quite good at. Most of my friends are girls (I find I have more in common with them and they are easier to get along with). I am gay. I sometimes wonder if there is a correlation between sexual orientation and personality, and if so, whether there is a larger Feeler population among gay men than there is straight men. -- An INFj
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