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Question #1244158410Thursday, 4-Jun-2009
Category: ISFp ISFj Typing Visual Identification j/p
What are some obvious signs that tells an ISFp from an ISFj? -- glitterbug
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A1 I'm an ISFP and my mom is an ISFJ. Her house is spotless while my house is a mess! She is critical and narrow minded while I am accepting and open minded. She worries about others, I worry about myself. Just a couple off the top of my head. -- Jackie
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A2 (1) ISFps are passionate - ISFjs are captious and critical. (2) ISFps are free-spirited, adventurous, and carousing - ISFjs are vigilant and guarded. (3) ISFps may harbor romantic or heroic notions; they may be dabblers and dilettantes - ISFjs are sober and conscientious. (4) ISFps are free-spirited - ISFjs morally austere. (5) ISFps have a "laissez-faire" approach towards others - ISFjs are protective and enveloping. (6) ISFps are cultivated and refined - ISFjs are lusty and earthy. (7) ISFps are warm and affable - ISFjs are private and intimate. Hope this helps. -- Anonymous
A3 A2 would you please elaborate the 6th point "ISFps are cultivated and refined - ISFjs are lusty and earthy" please? -- Anonymous
A4 Would ISFps use the word 'should' in a lot of their sentences? Like one SHOULD do this or one SHOULDNT do that? Or is that more of an ISFj thing? Would ISFps get upset if other people didn't do as they told them to? -- Anonymous
A5 A3: Sure. What I was really getting at was sort of a Si/Se distinction. ISFps, with Si as a base function, are naturally sensitive to sensory impressions and are able to select correct habits and lifestyles to maximize aesthetic pleasure. Creative Fe lends a partiality for the arts and any form of creative expression. Many ISFps appear to have fine instincts and good taste and demonstrate a deep awareness of cultural developments. ISFjs would tend to reject this mindset and behavior. Creative Se gives them a keen awareness of internal lusts, impulses, instincts, and desires which makes their interaction style and mode of self-expression very "raw" and blunt. Most likely, the ISFj would regard the ISFp as pretentious and affected. The ISFp would regard the ISFj as crude and vulgar. -- Anonymous
A6 Woah, little harsh much on the ISFj. Truth is that ISFjs do usually have a very strict sense of right and wrong, while ISFps tend to look at things more compassionately, though ISFjs rarely treat people differently because of their "right or wrong" views. ISFjs I think can also be a little more self-disciplined, and a lot more driven and often tend to get upset when they don't meet the goals or standards they set for themselves. Overall though, they're very similar to each other, very quite and compassionate and very detail orientated. -- ISFj Tina
A7 My father is an ISFP, and my younger brother is an ISFJ. The only difference I can see is my brother is always on time and organized, and my father is the opposite... Otherwise they're fairly similar. -- Anonymous
A8 ISFjs are much more judgmental, critical and grudge holding than ISFps. -- Anonymous
A9 The truth is that Si and Se in the Ego will make for 2 very different people. They are polar opposites of each other. How can these two types seem like there is no difference between them. Either you are typing the people wrong, or you are a Se type person and doesn't really notice the inside perception much. When Si is dominant the person is being led by their greatest good, their spiritual self deep within the body. When Se is dominant the person is led by out of body desires. This does not mean the Se person will be a very sexual being and become highly sexual, although the energy from this function will have some affect in a way. ISFj's will be affected by sexual energy, but many times they suppress this energy which will make them seem very judgmental because that energy can be very strong. This creates the moodiness that seems to be a part of their regular behavior. It is hard to suppress the Se energy and still maintain a ethical life. There is nothing wrong with the ISFj behavior, it is just a product of the opposite relationship that Se and Fi provide when they are placed in te ego together. ISFp does not behave this way in public like the ISFj's do, but their opposite reactions in their ego is the again the product of Si and Fe interacting. ISFp has a storm brewing inside, but does not express this in the extroverted, while the storm for the ISFj is being played on the outside, and they are peaceful in the inside. When trying to compare the two, one has to make sure to describe the inside and outside of the personality so it does not look one sided when describing the two. If you describe only the extroverted behaviors, of course ISFp looks much better in the outside, but when looking at the inside they can be at war inside. Just like the ISFj looks on the outside. When talking about personality you have to always give attention to both sides of the personality, or disagreements will break out quickly. Every personality has their positives and negatives. -- Anonymous
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