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Question #1244135650Thursday, 4-Jun-2009
Category: Type me!!! INTj INFj T/F
INFj or INTj ? I am a middle aged female who has always considered myself to be INFj though when I do any Myers Briggs or Socionics test I am almost always in the middle of the J and P. I have realized lately that my thoughts and behaviours are quite different to most people who post as INFj. Either they are not INFj's or I'm not. I recently decided to check the other personality types out further and found that I fitted with a lot of what I could find on female INTJ's (Myers). I look a lot like Angela Lansbury and on you tube I connect with people who think like VioletKitty and Funtastic who both claim to be INFJ (Myers). I was a very quiet, but popular student and needed much time out. Did very well in school with my best subjects being english and my worst being maths. Am definately a people pleaser. Black is my favourite colour to wear and I wear the same clothes, boots over and over until they are no longer wearable. I don't drive and have a terrible sense of direction. I can be very blunt but try to do it in a nice way and am tired of people and thier dramas, spend most of my time theorizing about people systems. I am a very calm person with a 'dark' sense of humour which surprises most people. I do show a lot of emotion, ie when I am happy you will see it and when someone ticks me off by doing something stupid you will also see it. I hate dancing and discussion about sports. God is my number 1 in life followed by family and then friends. I am married to an ESFP who I adore but also struggle with. I am always somewhat after more - more depth, more theoretical conversations, more love, more well...just want a 'knowing' when we look at each other. Why do I love him, well he is good at things that I am not and he has such enthusiasm with life. I don't have many female friends. I much prefer conversing with men. I actually don't have much in common with other woman at all though I do try. Is this just what happens to an INFJ at middle age or am I actually an INTJ ? Would I be INTJ socionics? -- Anonymous
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A1 You're most likely socionics p. F or T thats another question -- Anonymous
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A2 If you know things like favorite color, use words like "hate" when describing activities, you're almost certainly INFj over INTj. -- INFp guy
A3 I'd say youre an INFj. I have an INFj friend and she has similar characteristics. -- Anonymous
A4 I agree that you sound INFj. I've noticed that "drama" is how Fi types tend to describe Fe types' behaviour. INFjs tend to find drama annoying, while INTjs, in my experience, tend to be quite immune to other people's drama. It just bounces off their bulletproof Ti. They may even find it kind of amusing, if it's not serious. -- Krig (INTj)
A5 You sound very similar to myself and not similar at all to all the INFjs I've known - and they have composed my closest friend and my beloved. Now, manifest similarities don't necessarily mean same root cause (ie: same type), but I would be willing to bet money on INTj with your uncertainty being borne out of the exposures you had while growing up - something helped to balance out your strong INTj tendencies to something more moderate than generally seen. Again, a guess I am deriving from my own experience. I hope this insight helps weigh into your conclusion as you search. Remember - emotions, especially intuitive ones, work as a system and INTjs are system-builders. You don't have to love philosophy, math, and science to be an INTj . . . but you also don't have to be a jaded brooding protector with a knack for plaid to be an INFj. It's the thinking processes, not their manifest actions, that are your type. -- INFx < 3
A6 Thankyou to everyone who has reponded so far.I have kept on researching and came across this site . It was not the easiest thing to read but there was so much written up under the INTp there that seems to fit me perfectly. I read it out to a couple of people who also have an interest in personality types who thought that it was spot on for me. Has anyone come across this site before in thier research and what do you think of it? Oh and also I 'clicked' when I read the INTp's hidden agenda 'to love'. This is extremely strong in me. I have, like a love barometre inside of me that constantly wants to feel love in the most intense way possible...all of the that odd or what...especially if I am a thinker not a feeler. And I must say that if am a rational then I am indeed a very feminine one, not at all like I imagined one to be. And indeed I imagined them to be almost feelingless but I have many strong feelings and emotions though I am not especially sentimental. And in response to A5, yes I did have a far from normal childhood and was very uncertain with many things such as moving into a different culture and mainly interacting with females and so on and so on...thanks again -- Suzzy who was INFj but not any more
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