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Question #1243607116Friday, 29-May-2009
Category: Stereotype Personality Fictional characters Politics Typing
What Hogwarts house do you think the prototypical socionics types would fit into? (obviously this is not a serious thread) INFj i would definitely associate with Gryffindor. probably would add ENFj, ENTj, and ENFp there as well. INTj's and ENFp's strike me as following the values of Ravenclaw (more concerned with competency and utility than loyalty to friends, protecting the weak). INFp's, INTp's - Hufflepuff? (they're well intentioned, but can be cowardly and lacking in resolve and social competence) poorly developed ESTp, ISTj - Slytherin (will step on ppl to get what they want ) -- S
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A1 I got a crazy idea: each house could stand for a different quadra. Hufflepuff would be Alpha quadra (I imagine a typical Hufflepuff student being an ISFp or INTj), Slytherin Beta quadra (which I very much don't agree with), Gryffindor Gamma, it being Rowling's own quadra, and Ravenclaw Delta (their values being wisdom and competency, loosely tranlated Te, Fi and Ne). However, I think Draco and Weasley twins might be in the same quadra and Parvati with Lavender might be INF, which fuzzies the borders. So another version is Gryffindor: Se and Ni, Hufflepuff: Si and Fe, Slytherin: Ti, Ravenclaw: Te, Fi and Ne. Everything of course influenced by Rowling being an INTp and me being an ESFp. Nice game! Thanks for posting -- Ezis (ESFp)
A2 It's easier to associate the houses with functions than specific types. Gryffindor values of "courage, daring, nerve and chivalry" are usually associated with . Hufflepuff values - "hard work, loyalty, tolerance, and fair play" - seem to correspond generally to the Delta quadra. Ravenclaw is interesting. The Wikipedia articles lists "intelligence, creativity, wit, and wisdom" as house values, which seems to suggest , , and , but the aspects of Ravenclaw weren't emphasized that much in the books. A very broad range of types might be associated with Ravenclaw. Slytherin values of "ambition, cunning, and resourcefulness" seem linked with and . -- Anonymous
A3 Gryffindor seems primary Gamma with maybe some Deltas, it's about chivalry, self-sacrifice and the moral good/honor. Hufflepuff is about hard work and the moral good so Delta with some Alpha types and maybe Gamma rationals. Slytherin is about ambition, self-preservation and cunning skills, so mainly Beta. Ravenclaw is about intelligence, creativity and wit so Alpha with Beta NF. It would likely be: Gryffindor- ENTj, ISFj, ESFp, INTp, INFj, ESTj, ISTp & ENFp. Hufflepuff- ESTj, INFj, ISTp, ENFp, ESFj, ISFp, ENTj, ISFj, maybe INTj & ENTp. Ravenclaw- ISFp, ESFj, ENTp, INTj, INFp & ENFj. Slytherin- ESTp, ISTj, INFp & ENFj -- An INFj
A4 Interesting theory...why do you think Rowling is an INTp...? i've heard this before, and must say, i'm a bit baffled by this categorization. yeah, it's probably too rough a fit to try and assign the houses to quadras. i mean, ENFj's and INFp's (of Beta) certainly aren't very Slytherinesque. Maybe we should just ask...what's your type, and what house do you think characterizes you? -- S
A5 I personally dont think it is possible to group types into specific houses since I see a lot of diversity in each house. So I made a tentative list of characters' types instead. Harry - INTp, Ginny - ESFp, Ron - INTj, Hermione - ESFj, Hagrid - ENFp, Voldemort - INTp, Draco - ISTj, Nevile - ISFj, Snape - ISTp, Fred and George - ESTp, McGonagall - ISTj, Bill - ISTp, Dumbledore - INFj, Mad eye moody - ENTp, Slughorn - ENFj, Sirius Black -ISTp, Molly - ESFj, Luna - INTp, Percy - ISTj, Tonks - ESFp, Lupin - INFp, James - ESTp, Scrimgeour - ESTj, Cornelius - ENFj, Arthur - INTj. Here is how classifies them as well. I'd love to hear more people's thoughts and opinions of types of the characters -- Anonymous
A6 I'm kind of curious about your typings A5, since Rowling is a Gamma NT (ENTj or INTp) it wouldn't make sense for her to have her heroes in Alpha. The only Alpha's I even recall being noticeable in the series were Harry's Aunt, Uncle and cousin. Harry as ISFj, Ron as ESFp and Hermione as ENTj would make sense, 3 main heroes all in Gamma. Dumbledore is probably a Gamma introvert, he's not Se vulnerable. The twins as ENFp, too compassionate and infantile for SeTi. Luna and Chow as INFp, Neville INFj, Ginny and McGonagall ESTj, Moody and Draco (good and a bad ESTp), I agree with Percy as ISTj, ISTp is possible for Serius, Gilderoy Lockhart ENFj, Cedric ISFj, Seamus ISTp. Not sure about the rest, Snape is probably Fe vulnerable, my guess is INTp -- An INFj
A7 Random Harry Potter typings: Luna as INFp - spacey, weird, nebulous; lacks common sense but has her own brand of insight. Slughorn as ISFp: merry and affable; a gourmand and aesthete; completely absorbed with matters of comfort and coziness. Bagman as ESFj: jovial, optimistic, cheery. Snape as INTj or INTp: cold, dispassionate, seemingly emotionless; presents somewhat more evidence for Ti leading than Ni base. McGonagall: ISTj - rule-bound, prim, conscientious, and strict. Lupin: probably INFj or else INFp - kind, compassionate; somewhat effete and timorous, lacking in vigor and liveliness. Ernie: ESTj - blustering, hardworking and ambitious; proper and formal. Scrimgeour: ENTj - curt, gruff, brusque; very active and businesslike. -- Anonymous
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A8 I've always put Ron as a ISTP. Or at least the movie Ron. Its what made the love potion scene funny. -- ENTPee
A9 A4: This might sound stupid but my typing of Rowling is: an INTp because I feel so. I get Dual vibe reading HP series, her language is my language, she has the kind of thinking and values I sometimes don't agreee with but always understand perfectly and find interesting and enriching. My version of personality types : Harry - ISFj, Sirius and Ginny - ENTj. Ginny looks a bit like an ESFp but is too decisive and objective and has better imagination than ESFps. You can also sense Rowling doesn’t personally sympathize with her as she does with Ron. Ron - ESFp, Fi subtype (but I'm not sure of Grint's type) – openly emotional (for a guy), with well-developed Se (Quidditch) but only when his sensitivity allows him, longing for money and fame but still modest and loyal to his friends; Hermione - INTp, Te subtype (while Watson is an ENTj). McGonagall is the same type as Hermione. Rowling mentioned somewhere she had been like Hermione at school; and Hermione and McGonagall share the same values, way of thinking and communication. They look like TeSi or SiTe because of being so rule-bound, but they actually dont‘ hesitate to break the rules every time their friends need it. They also stress independent thinking a lot (including deciding when the rules need to be broken), which makes them more NTish. I can feel Rowling sympathizes with them. The moments where Hermione and MacGonagall show some feelings are the most passionate ones of all the series. The twins are ESTps - very Se oriented (A6: ESTps CAN be compassionate), but a bit simplified by Rowling. Ron has a very typical ESFp-ESTp relationship with them. Percy – an ISTp, also a bit overstereotyped. Charlie and Hagrid – ISFjs - nice, loyal, not very open, loving both animals and danger (Fi and Se). Luna reminds me a lot of my INFj sister. Her imagination is Ne = inventing new things, not discovering deep meanings in already existing ones (Ni). A7: all INFps I know are much more down-to-earth than Luna, also, she has a very good relationship with Harry and they more or less understand and support each other. The INFishness is, again, a bit exaggerated in Luna‘s case. Mr. Weasley – INFj – conscientious, idealistic, with outbursts of crazy behaviour, never willing to scold anyone, Mrs. Weasley – a mature ESTj – strict, practical, has loud arguments with the twins which is typical of ES Quasi-Identical relations. Tonks seems like an ENFp – lively, sensitive, with good imagination and sense of morality. Her abilities as a morphomagus look like someone (=Rowling) might imagine Ne. (It‘s ENFps I know who have „faces as if made of rubber“ and change their image most radically.) Lupin looks like an INF but his teaching is very methodic and practical and his attitude towards Tonks in the 6th and 7th book is typical of ISTp-ENFp relationships, and after all, ISTps can be compassionate, too. He bases his support of Neville not so much on personal understanding but on the fact that he knows what happened to his parents, and in the books he actually keeps more distance than the film Lupin. Bill and Fleur - also an ISTp-ENFp couple - down-to-earth vs. supportive and glamorous. Cedric and Cho also seem like ISTps to me. Snape might very well be an INTj, him and Harry being in a Super-Ego relationship. Also, it’s INTjs who detest showing-off most of all types and who (some of them), once disappointed in love, never try again. I think Alan Rickman is an INTp and his metamorphosis into an INTj is truly admirable. Dumbledore is a clear INFj. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A10 A3- An istp in the Hufflepuff house? Yeah right. -- Anonymous
A11 hmmm, well thought out. thanks for your insights -- S
A12 I disagree with the Gammas being Gryffindor. I'm a Gamma and I'm definitely a Ravenclaw -- Anonymous
A13 A12: Me too. But I put Gammas in Gryffindor because I think that is what Rowling had in mind. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A14 Seriously? Why does everybody classify INTP's as ****ing Hufflepuff?? The Sorting Hat said Gryffindors are brave, Slytherin are cunning, Ravenclaw is intelligent, and Hufflepuff takes all the rest. I'd say INTP's are Ravenclaw or Slytherin. ENTP's are definitely Slytherin. Intelligent, yet selfish and would rather save their own ass than anyone else. I think ENFP's would be in Hufflepuff, considering them to be one of the most common personality types. INTJ's-Ravenclaw. ISTP's-also Ravenclaw. ENTP's and ENTJ's-Slytherin. ENTJ's-Gryffindor. I think INTP's might be in Gryffindor too, because even though we are socially inept, we are courageous, nosy, stubborn, and won't back down. -- Anonymous
A15 I was wondering why you feel that ENFPs are one of the most common personality types? There are only between 20-40% of N's around, and only between 2-7% of all types are ENFP. I think Lily Potter is the most ENFP in Harry Potter as she gives over her life automatically to protect her son Harry. -- Anonymous
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