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Question #1243548893Thursday, 28-May-2009
Category: Celebrities Typing
What type is Natalie Portman? -- Anonymous
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A1 Based on things she said, intertype relations and her demeanor in general, I'd say INTp -- An INFj
A2 ISTj fo sho -- Anonymous
A3 She bears a striking resemblance to Kiera Knightly, who i read somewhere is ESFj. tho Portman strikes me as slightly more introverted, so possibly ISFj... she definitely has that very classical bone-structure and big velvet eyes that many ISFjs and ESFj's have. i don't like her as an actress tho (completely irrelevant pt). she's not as good as Reese Witherspoon or Halle Berry (ISFj's) -- S
A4 I agree with A1, she strikes me as an INTp. She is shy, calm and coherent. Plus I get kind of Dual feeling watching her. And I read Scarlett Johansson likes her, whom I think to be an ESFp. A3: Keira Knightley VIs partly as ESFj, yes, but I get a strong ESFp vibe with her. In interviews, she speaks about visual experiences, and she also has very ESFp-ish smile. That would also explain her similarity to Portman, both being in the same quadra. -- Ezis (ESFp)
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A5 I have a friend who looks exactly like her who is also an INTp, and I'd agree with the other people who said she's that type. -- Anonymous
A6 Neither Kiera nor Natalie have Fe. -- Anonymous
A7 Why not Fe for Keira? Despite the stereotype, having Fe doesn't mean you're bouncing around like you're on speed. ESFj is very likely for Keira, she does VI like one but more importantly her intertype relationships makes sense; her long time boyfriend Rupert Friend is very likely an INTj, she is good friends with Sienna Miller (ENFp) and got along very well with Ralph Fiennes (INFj) -- An INFj
A8 yeh she's INTp -- Anonymous
A9 She looks and acts both like an INTJ and INFJ, so it's hard to say for sure. ESFJ?!?!? You can't possibly be serious about that one. -- Anonymous
A10 she doesn't look like an INTj, her face is not angular enough. she certainly doesn't act like an INTj (read the INTj article to refresh your memory of what these guys are like). She doesn't look or act like an INTp either. She doesn't remind one of typical INFj's either (withdrawn, hesitant, few words, thoughtful, not 'in the moment'). that leaves ESFj, ISFj. -- Anonymous
A11 @A7, A3, A10: Fe acts with an obvious focus on deliberate, aggressive emotional manipulation. It pays more attention to get a rise out of someone, for better or worse, than anything else. Good examples of Fe (with Si) are demonstrated by Eddie Murphy, Danny Devito ... please revisit its definition. This is hardly typical behavior from the likes of the cool-headed, calm, principled and tasteful Natalie Portman. -- Anonymous
A12 I never said Natalie Portman was an ESFj, I said Keira Knightly is. I think Natalie is INTp= Fe PoLR. btw, I don't agree with your opinion of Fe types. Yes, some Fe's can be quite emotive and such, but some are more complacent. Also, it's Ti types who try to get a rise out of others to receive Fe, not Fe types themselves -- An INFj
A13 A12 INFJ, my post wasn't to put words in your mouth that were obviously not said; rather, I re-categorized the subject to address the perception of Fe in this thread. I agree that some Fe's are more complacent, and Ti's can act provocatively (yet through logic). Fe's have the greatest potential to dramatically change others' moods to their own via their own ongoing expressions of personal amusement, pleasure, boredom, ethical declarations, anger, despair, etc. -- Anonymous

Nuff said. INTp is the winner. -- Anonymous
A15 lol, i've seen that. it's very funny, but i don't see how it shows that she's an INTp...if anything, she shows a very good ability to impersonate using her body and facial expression - it's a very nuanced and convincing performance. INTp's lack that sort of expert manipulation of physicality -- S
A16 not all INTp's are nerdy geeks like this website portrays them to be. Your limitations on personality type seem very specific-like you're analyzing leaves instead of the tree. And most of the celebrities listed on this website are actors/actresses... they better be good at facial expression. Some of the best are INTp: John Travolta, Ed Norton, Dustin Hoffman, Wesley Snipes. Watch an interview of her. She is very scrupulous in her analysis and careful with her choice of words. She comes off as soft-spoken, intelligent, and wise... and still doesn't give a **** about social status. -- Anonymous
A17 I think that she is ISTP. Intelligent, de-values Fe, and yet has a classic coolness that also seems sensually keen. -- Anonymous
A18 I sort of thinks she's more of an idealist...etc. -- Anonymous
A19 She's ENTp! -- ENTp chick
A20 I think she's ENTJ. -- Anonymous
A21 Natalie Portman, ISTJ, "The Realist", Serious, Pessimistic, Trustee, Pragmatist, They are solemn and not given to emotional expression, they are thinkers, analyzers, they anticipate problems. -- jgbr
A22 Great guess A19! She is ENTp Ti subtype. She behaves EXACTLY like one in interviews! -- Anonymous
A23 ENFJ -- Anonymous
A24 A7: I don't believe in that stereotype either, but still think Keira is an ESFp. Rupert Friend might as well be an INTp and we ESFps are very often friends with ENFps and INFjs, actually more often so than ESFjs (we share many values, being on the Fi-Te scale). -- Ezis (ESFp)
A25 INFJ. -- Anonymous
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