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Question #1243249724Monday, 25-May-2009
Category: Stereotype
Assuming that watching the TV is not an issue, which types of personalities could enjoy or hate watching a serie like "Dr. House" or soap operas or sport events like F1 car-racings? Which types could enjoy all, enjoy one of these kind of broadcasts and hate the other ones, or hate all of them? Personally I enjoy all of them but HATE debates or theme-movies which have to lead to philosophical thinking for instance. -- piccolo_michel
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A1 probably F types are more inclined to enjoy soap operas? but excluding, of course, those with taste. i know i would hate to watch something like car-racing - i imagine that would take a very mechanical ST sensibility... as for House, hmmm, i think there's many elements to that show (a scientific medical aspect, a personal journey of the characters aspect, wit, dark humour, moral issues, good-looking actors, etc), allowing it to appeal to many different types. i personally am a fan. what do you mean by 'theme-movies'? since all movies and works of art have themes. and why exactly do you dislike how they lead to philosophical thinking? -- S
A2 By "theme-movies" I think of movies where behind a mawkish story a problem is shown, for instance the problem of suicid among young people, or divorce, or life of women in a part of the world, or destruction of forests, or... I don't need to waste my time watching an uninteressant story in order to think of such problems. What I find weird is the choice of TV-broadcasts I enjoy and how different I'm from my brother (type unknown) who enjoys very romantical movies and what I call "theme-movies" but hate soap operas, car-racing and over all a serie like Dr. House he finds totally stupid! -- piccolo_michel
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A3 i usually only watch sports, or shows that talk about sports. i do watch funny shows like the office, its always sunny, or home improvement. if i'm feeling responsible, i'll watch the local news at 11 -- ISTp
A4 I have lived my whole life happily without a TV. We dont have it at home. The last two years, since I got a laptop, I have been watching old Czech and French comedies, the Poirot, Yes, minister, MASH, Friends and Firefly series. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A5 HEROES!!! Lost, some of the MTV junk.. In movies - Underworlds!!! 27 dresses type of movies, the hangover, the mummy, fools gold, and everything exciting and thrilling as long as its not gruesome. I hate scary bloody ghost movies, i think they are the most stupid, disgusting and unnecessary creation ever. why would anyone want to watch something that will irrationally scare them later? I like final destination type of movies but if it gets bloodier or fleshier than that i have to keep my eyes shut through more than half of it! I couldnt get past 20 minutes of resident evil.. I dont like news cause its usually just depressing. I like to focus on happy thoughts and the news just ruins that :-/ unless its celebrity gossip lol then its just amusing -- Anonymous
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