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Question #1243160395Sunday, 24-May-2009
Category: Fictional characters Typing
Donnie Darko Is he the classic INFP??? -- ENFP
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A1 either INFp or INTp... I'm not sure which -- Anonymous
A2 I think he's more inTp -- Anonymous
A3 Which makes some sense if we consider he is portrayed by an ESFp. -- Anonymous
A4 I'd say INTp, he's got that whole recluse pensive genius thing going on GREATEST MOVIE EVER btw -- ISFj Courtney
A5 He struck me as a -type, actually. Stubborn and brainy, with his own logic, socially awkward, kind of creepy. He's like a wimpy LSI (kind of reminds me of the video game character Shadow the Hedgehog - blatant LSI), or maybe a LII. ILI isn't out of the picture, but I'm not seeing the PolR, when he seemed like he needed a good dose of instead. His "girlfriend" in the movie seemed gamma...but she kept kind of picking on him and his flaws, so they didn't seem like duals. The characters were kind of wishy-washy between types in this movie. -- Ni
A6 Jake Gyllenhaal (film role Donnie Darko), American actor, (MBTI: INFP), (Socionics: Yesenin), "The Healer", Flexible, Creative, Idealistic, socially buoyant, Committed to people and causes, emotionally reactive, Capacity for deep caring, Guided by strong inner sense of values, has a great deal of warmth, but may not show it until he knows a person well, his inner loyalty and ideals govern his live etc. -- jgbr
A7 IEI - could easily be Mobilising. The character is very likely Leading and doesn't at all seem PoLR. -- echidna1000
A8 Straight ISTp, how can nobody see this. -- Anonymous
A9 ESTp imo -- Anonymous
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