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Question #1242813488Wednesday, 20-May-2009
Category: INTp ISTp Advice Family
OK. I am an intp(17). Sorry, I don't know the functions well, so I'm just going to generalize. So I have an istp(19) sister who dated an estp(19) guy. It was online dating but for people who are online all day, it's not that different from real life. Oh, if it matters, she's in college, I'm in high school, we don't live together, and we can only talk online on msn. So, they dated, but then he fell out of love with her. Right now the three of us still hang out online everyday. BUT, when he's angry it makes my sister cry. He's unreasonable at times, and is pretty insensitive. He even said that the only thing he's lied to her about is loving her - to her that is. She's prone to self doubting and questioning whether she is the one to blame for his anger. And it's obviously not her fault most of the time. One time he asked her to delete his photo, and eventually she did, but he wouldn't believe her. In my point of view, once you send someone a photo online, you have no right to regret it. What should I tell her to make her feel better when she's in a sad mood? She's someone I describe as being born to love, which is obviously almost the complete opposite of me. I'd like her to be able to move on from this relationship quickly rather than have the feeling of pain extended. She still loves him, which I can't seem to do anything about. She confides in me a lot, but I feel I can't do anything to help her. What should I do to at least make her feel better? i know that the proccess of falling out of love is not something I can just force on her, but I want to be able to at least ease her pain? -- Life sucks usually
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A1 For one that guy sounds like an ass. Secondly your sister does not sound like an ISTP. Um... there is not much you can tell her. If its online then I would think it’s easy to stop talking to him block? Or something? If it’s a break up then ISTP get over the emotional part pretty fast or if they don't they don't let people see them in an emotional state. Maybe some time alone will do some good. She just may need to think about it. -- Anonymous
A2 ahh I'm so sorry. I meant isfp. I'm really sorry. Thanks for posting. -- Anonymous
A3 heh hate that about ISFP... they can't stop loving I’m still learning how to deal with that one myself. Try getting they guy mad at you, make him go all out; don't forget to let your sister see you in action. Once she sees that she can only love one of you then hopefully she picks you. "heh way on the cynical side and I know I would not do it but it’s a thought" as an ISTP I just don't deal with my family's issues Sorry I can't help as much as I would like to. you Have yourself in a tough area because you care... I’ll say again Stop talking to the guy all together. -- A1
A4 Yes the only way she can move on is to make a clean break from this guy, maybe not forever but deffinatly a long time. And to focus on some other intressts, conect with other friends and/or family. This applies to everyone not just your sister. -- Miss D, INTP
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