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Question #1242630634Monday, 18-May-2009
Category: Celebrities Typing
Which type is John F. Kennedy? -- Anonymous
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A1 ESTP -- Anonymous
A2 ENTj obviously -- Anonymous
A3 I read somewhere that he was ENFj. -- Krig (INTj)
A4 Believe it or not, JFK was an INTP. -- Appleteck
A5 A4. Indeed John F. Kennedy was an INTP who fell in love with his dual partner Marylin Monroe ESFP. -- jgbr
A6 A5, can you elaborate what makes him an INTp? I'd like to understand that obscure type a bit more. -- Anonymous
A7 It is not easy for me to explain it because I am not native English, but I will try. Some INTP males have the outer corners of their eyes lower than the inner corners. See images of Albert Einstein, Sergei Brin, Scott Adams, Osama Bin Laden and John F. Kennedy. When INTPs smile you can see almost the entire upper row of teeth even at females. See images of John Travolta and John Beebe. Some INTP males have well groomed, dense hair. See images of John Travolta, Simon Cowel, John Kerry and John Oldham. When you watch videos of John F. Kennedy you will realize how he is reflecting during speaking. He is not judger. INTPs are not plagued by self-doubt like ENTPs. They know what they are saying and they appear very competent. INTPs do not like be enthusiastic because that can lead to disappointment. If an INTP overuse his thinking process he will experience the symptoms of SCHYZOTYPAL personality disorder. They may have some schizoid or paranoid traits too but those are not the main symptoms. See John Nash mathematician. When INTPs overuse their thinking they will have very strange thoughts and they experience weird dreams. (This is why I refuse Jungian psychoanalysis, but not typology. Only a few personality types attribute greater significance to their own silly dreams. For example John Beebe figured out that his own personality type from his unconscious dreams. Can anybody tell him that he is not an ENTP but an INTP? ) INTPs often have so much thoughts in their head that they are unable to organize them. Usually this is the signal of exhaustion. Then it is time switch off and to do some gardening. -- jgbr
A8 His V.I. is very ENTj. -- Anonymous
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A9 A8. Could you please provide two or three famous ENTJs you have visually identified and have similar facial features to John F. Kennedy? -- jgbr
A10 this isn't A8 but here are some ENTj's (and i do agree JFK was LIE). Brad Pitt, Bill Gates, Quentin Tarentino, Ben Stiller. -- Anonymous
A11 A10. Brad Pitt and Ben Stiller are not ENTJs. Bill Gates and Quentin Tarantino are ENTJs indeed but they have no facial features similar to John F. Kennedy. -- jgbr
A12 yes, they are LIE's. Quentin Tarantino is not the best example, because he looks quite unusual. They all have fairly dry, monotone voices, and optimistic faces, as well as the typical LIE "salesman smile" -- Anonymous
A13 A11, not to sidetrack you, but then what are Brad Pitt and Ben Stiller? I've never completely agreed with this sites typings. And yes, JFK probably was an INTp. -- Anonymous
A14 A13, Brad Pitt is ENTp Ne subtype, Ben Stiller ENTp Ti subtype. JFK was ENFj Fe subtype. -- Anonymous
A15 explain how you came to such a conclusion -- Anonymous
A16 JFK: INTP. Fell for an ESFP. ENTJs don't care to go to the moon, its poor business practice. Outer space is, and has always been an irrational notion and anyone wishing to populate Mars and sounding like they are an NT is probably an INTp. INTps recognize that people expand and will eventually get there. ENTjs recognize that expansion is part of business and is a byproduct of efficiency and efficacy. Colonial expansion was primarily fueled by business, hence the common ENTJ name Pioneer/Enterpriser/Entrepreneur. Remember introversion has nothing to do with being outstanding or outgoing, the 4 letter code is for convenience not for labeling a person shy and unsociable. The only possible explanation of JFK-ENFJ was that ENFJ leaders are spectacular failures:Hitler, Osama Bin Laden. While ENTJs are hated by the irrationals (IPs: INFp conspiracy nuts, ISTp welfare squatters, INTp linux nerds/critics in general, ISFps are...noone hates ISFPs) but co-exist well anyway: Bill Gates. -- Anonymous
A17 A16. I have revisited the JFK case and I have moved him into the ENTJ (Te Ni) category. A5,A7,A9 and A11. Go away. -- jgbr
A18 Wow guys. INTp? Let's consider something about his lifestyle without jumping to amateur V.I. conclusions. He was came up through privilege and his own extroverted charm, rather than intellectual prowess. He married an extremely graceful, beautiful woman (INFx), who is much more likely to be his dual than Marilyn Monroe, with whom he only had a brief tryst with. And oh yea, he was a notorious womanizer. He is definitely ESTx, most probably ESTp. -- Anonymous
A19 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, ENTP (Ne Ti), "The exploring searcher", Open-minded, Outgoing, Innovative, Enthusiastic, Non-conforming, Catalyst, Multi-talented, Analytical etc. -- jgbr
A20 John F. Kennedy stated himself in an interview that he was an Introvert. I think he was either an INTP or an INFP. Quotes:

around 14:00 -- Anonymous
A21 John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States was ISTJ (Gorky). He served from 1961 until his assassination in 1963. Lee Harvey Oswald INTP (Balzac) was charged with the crime. Kennedy was correct about his introversion. A5 A7 A11 A17 are all incorrect. A19 is correct. -- Anonymous
A22 A21 This result does not seem to be right. I have moved JFK into the ESFJ (Hugo) category. -- Anonymous
A23 He was ENFp. I can't believe that everywhere on this site all types are deeply confused. Something wrong with you ppl, you cant type for most of the time. To support my claims, I point out, that nearly everyone types differently same person, or, by stereotypes, e.g. if he was a leader, he was ENTj, or, if he was politician, he was ISTj, or, if he stated that he was introverted, he was introverted. No way. Extroverted Fi people do confuse secondary with primary, and he was more like INFj as well - he was after peace, he saw the future, he was OPPOSITE to ISTJ. -- Anonymous
A24 I was wrong. I was so wrong... A5 A7 A11 A17 A21 A22 were all wrong. These images show the ISFJ (Dreiser) type. John F. Kennedy was ISFJ. Not what I expected. -- Anonymous
A25 - -- Anonymous
A26 I honestly think this conversation may be one of the best pieces of evidence that Socionics types don't actually exist. You're all grasping for the straws so hard it's hilarious. -- Anonymous
A27 If you look at his pix and read his quotes, he seems like he could be an INFJ in search of his perfect ESTJ dual when it comes to behavioral expectations and calls to service. -- Anonymous
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