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Question #1242206254Wednesday, 13-May-2009
Category: Celebrities Cheating ISTp Bullying Stereotype
What's up with almost all ISTp celebrities partaking in adultery and/or being domineering towards their spouses and a high divorce rate as compared to other type celebrities? Is this saying that ISTps are most likely to cheat, probably because of their unstable self esteem? I've read that people with a fluctuating self esteem is most likely to be hostile as compared to people with a consistently high or low self esteem. Any thoughts or opinions in regards to this? -- Anonymous
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A1 Which ISTp celebs are you referring to? -- An INFj
A2 I've never met an ISTP with low self esteem. More likely it's the "live in the moment" thing, combined with the "excitement of things new and exciting" thing. -- ISTPJim
A3 To me, it seems that there generally is a high percentage of unstable and immoral people among the celebrities, no matter what their type is. It's a weird and unnatural world and I wouldn't care much about it if I were you. The ISTps I know are perfectly OK, no adultery or domination, some of them have a tendency towards fluctuating self-esteem, others don't. -- Anonymous
A4 Is it true that ISTps are more likely to fall prey to the Coolidge Effect? Since they they are introverted sensing, sensory experiences is very important.. and being an ISTp they need new and 'novel' sensory experiences that are passionate and intense throughout (most of) their lifetime? I've read that after the first couple years, the level of passion and intensity in sex with the same person decreases. So would the ISTp be more likely to follow their impulses without looking back but at the same time being attached to their current mate, which cause them to cheat and then come back and beg for forgiveness? -- Anonymous
A5 @ A4- Probably. -- Anonymous
A6 Give him a no constantly and see if he doesn't chase another skirt. Piece of advice: Addicts are no go areas. -- jammin'
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A7 A6 - True that. IMO atleast. -- Anonymous
A8 For an ISTp to be attracted to someone, it's almost impossible to explain what or who that person will be - you see, the prospective partners don't necessarily have to be drop dead gorgeous or have lots of money - what they do need to have is something which excites their , and as introverted sensing is a personal subjective feeling, it's all down to the individual. As long as the person they're attracted to has some sort of interesting "quirk" for them, then they'll probably never cheat. -- Doomdark
A9 A8- I think for an ISTp (Te) and INTj (Te) its all about Fi. They are very independent and strong in all of their personal aspects of life except for one - their Fi. they know this and know what they want and then an ENFp or ESFj (Fi) comes humming along and understands what they are feeling and helps them, they appreciate it and love it and decide to spend their lives with them. For example a logical subtype ISTp is working on a project with an ENFp and the ISTp realizes that they didnt do one small thing that will later dock them both points and the ISTp feels deep remorse and says they shouldve done this this and this and say "I apologize" firmly while visibly suffering from regret and shame and the ENFp feels that feeling and firmly assures them that the ENFp liked what they did (this is Fi) and automatically communicates this through eyes which makes the ISTp feel good again and to give out non verbal cues of their appreciation. They are deeply emotionally similar so when an ENFp Fi says their sad about something and the ISTp feels the same way but hadnt recognized it or didnt think anyone else could be that way they like it. With their strong thinking function they come up with lots of great ideas in almost everything and get enthusiastic about sharing those ideas with a friend. They ask quite some questions they care about like choosing a university so theyd ask why their friend chose that university. They want to be proud of everything they do with their relationships being no exception. An old ISTp (Te) man once said that small gestures like smiles and thank yous from people affects people throughout the day more than they realize. An INTj (Te) man once said that love to them is that feeling that someone is far away and on the phone and is upset and you have this incredible urge to reach out and be close to somebody to make them feel better.. so powerful that it makes them drive 6 hours in the middle of the night. -- Anonymous
A10 A9: An INTj has TiNe in his ego block, not NiTe - this isn't Myers-Briggs typology. -- ISTp
A11 pretty sure Rachel McAdams is ISTp (Te)... -- Anonymous
A12 Hi again, driving around is only part of what I was thinking about. I’m not sure what you want me to apologize about. Near the end of the final the person who was sitting in front of me, and one of the last remaining students, got up and left. And then you were sitting right in front of me, which was very uncomfortable. In my head at the time, I thought that I was about to pay for two months of staring in the time that was left. That is what was bothering me. Did you know that that student was also wearing a jacket made by Moo York? …very distracting. I’m sorry if you thought I was doing that because I didn’t like you in one way or another or if I embarrassed you. -- Anonymous
A13 I used to drive aimlessly around LA when I first started college and before I moved up there. I learned all the freeway intersections and what cities they ran through. I would make 3-4 hour trips doing circles and figure eights. I'd just spend the time thinking and listening to music; that was my social life. Gas was also only about $1.50-$2/gal back then... It was a peaceful way to spend time, even in traffic. -- Anonymous
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