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Question #1242206122Wednesday, 13-May-2009
Category: Gay INTj
- so im a mature and sensible gay ENFP guy who is usually attracted to INTJs - i like listening to and watching their minds at work - sharing analyzing discovering exploring thoughts and ideas with them - i like the quiet intimacy we enjoy - i like knowing we can separate to have time for our own selves and knowing they will still be there to talk about what separate experiences we had - i like living in abstraction with them - but im living in new york city (brooklyn) and i cant seem to find out where they hang out - its hard enough trying to find a group of people to connect with who are only 3% of the population - let alone trying to find the 10% of that 3% who is actually gay - if that 10% is even true - geez - i always end up with ISTJs who dont have a clue - "S"s are everywhere!! - well i mean i like ISTJs A LOT - and im totally open to most types - but... - where should i go and what should i do to find those elusive(seemingly evasive)INTJs??? -- amon
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A1 most likely itll be rare to find them .. i am one. and we are usually at home rather than in the streets bet probably online =] -- Enrique
A2 Hmm, I have to agree with A1, but I found my current hubby (INFJ) at a bar. It's really a luck of the draw, but you might find one in a corner somewhere lost in his/her own world playing with an iPhone. -INTgay -- devon
A3 A1 is spot on. I am an INTj and I am at home 90% of the time. 70% of that time at home I am online. For 7% of the 10% of the time that I DO go out of my house it is because I have to be somewhere. The remaining 3% of the time that I am not at home it is because it was a beautiful day/night and I found someplace outside that was secluded and had no people. =) Life as an INTj, it's the best. :] -- Dragifon (INTJ)
A4 Well, one place I notice alot of INTJ males is in libraries, especially if they're attached to a college or university. Try there. It's a common type among specialist physicians, too (eg. internists, oncologists), so check out hospitals, medical conferences and settings like that. I'm an ENTP guy happily married to an ENTJ guy, but if I was looking around, INTJs would be at the top of my search list, too. Happy searching! -- garry
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