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Question #1242024078Monday, 11-May-2009
Category: Type me!!!
Alright, WHAT am I? About five months ago in a health class we all took personality type tests. I scored as an INFP. When I read the profile, I agreed with the entire thing. Of the top of my head, I can definitely say that I am an idealist, I am attracted to sad things, ect. I can agree with the 'N', for I am extremely intuitive, I can DEFINITELY agree with the 'F', because I am a very, very feeling person. And, I can agree with the 'P', because I have fit all of its criteria for my entire life. Around the time I had taken that test, I was suffering from major depression (which is now medicated an under control). I had withdrawn very much from my social life, which is where I believe the 'I' of INFP came from. But, now that I am feeling much better, I have bounced right back into socializing, and have made many new friends. Unlike an introvert (correct me if I am wrong) I have grown very outspoken and loud as well. I enjoy being out in public much more, and at work I speak to everyone regularly. Sometimes I feel upset when I am working alone. Now, what I should be getting to is what has left me so confused. I have taken a few more personality tests afterwords, and sometimes I get INFP, but sometimes I get ENFP/ENFJ as well. Why is this? What is my type? Still INFP? Could the medication be MAKING me otherwise? -- Anonymous
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A1 I can be really loud, confident and sociable, and sometimes even make my friends a bit nervous, lol . Everyone actually thinks I'm a bit crazy ... but I'm definately introverted... Like you I was very depressed, and still am sometimes... I think it's just like charging up, if you know what I mean.... -- Simon the INFp
A2 Good questions. I'm no expert, but either one sounds great. Even better if you can flip between the two as needed. The _NFP part sure sounds right based on your post. So don't worry about it too much, just know that you have a good sense of your emotions and have a great sense of vision that _ST_ types can't match. -- ISTPJim
A3 Hi ENFPer here. The E/I spectrum I believe depends on your social confidence. I would say I'm definetly an extrovert people excitement, I have bundles of energy and enjoy socialising. Yet I'm not the most out there person (particularly when in a new situation)... As people we all go through situations that modify our approach to life, so it wouldn't surprise me to see mine/yours/others types change. I.e. you could be a P, but work in a job where organisation is key and as you love the job so much you learn to be a J and it eventually becomes natural to you.. I have thought I was an INFP at times, as I'm not one of those really loud people. BUT when I read the ENFP descriptions on typology I was like "wow this is really me!", I then looked at the INFP page and althoguh they were some bits like me I don't think the general persona matched with me.. I'm no expert on this, but are you more of a daydreamer (with a big imagination) or an enthusiast who does some rather random things at times? (Later = ENFP). Is tend to find ppl tire them out whilst Es are energized by people. I would also say Es are more positive ppl on the outside. Naturally in depression you withdraw yourself from people so that could be the reason for your I score. Also ENFP's main trait is Ne. Ne is the focus on the possinilities, the future and improvement, you lose focus on easily and like changing from thing to thing. Sop if you have that you could well be an ENFP. But if you have more Fi, ie you can sense what other people are feeling and your inner feelings mainly affect you, you would more likely be an INFP. BUT I am an ENFP, but have a slightly higher Fi than Ne, I did a test which takes account of all the different aspects (ie Te, Ti etc) and although I got a higher Fi, I still came out as ENFP. I hope this is useful, its more food for thought than all of it being gospel, the Ts I'm sure will give you some indepth info to help ya as I've skimmed the surface quite a bit!! -- ENFP
A4 Good reply ENFP. As a "T", I can't think of anything to add. -- ISTPJim
A5 "I'm no expert on this, but are you more of a daydreamer (with a big imagination) or an enthusiast who does some rather random things at times?" Aye, that is very very true. I'm going to say i'm still an INFP, with extroverted tendencies. Thank you very much you guys. <3 -- Anonymous
A6 Extroversion does not specifically equate with sociability. The E/I spectrum depends on whether an individual takes initiative himself with the external world, or waits for the world to take the initiative with him. This can translate to sociability for some, but it really just explains where energy is being spent (within or without?) Extroversion is energy-spending and Introversion is energy-conserving. Hope this helps! -- Tuesday
A7 Good LORD, A3 attributes Fi to INFP rather than ENFP and no one's noticed and corrected this yet? This site is about socionics, not MBTI. -- Anonymous
A8 Most people who take type tests get INFP more than any other type. Some type tests are geared such that if you answer neutral to every question, the result is ENFP. Good luck! -- Anonymous
A9 @A7 - It's entirely possible, in socionics, for an ENFP-Fi subtype to score higher on their creative Fi function than their dominant Ne function. -- Anonymous
A10 Yes it's quite possible for an ENFp to score higher on Fi than Ne in some tests, but a dominant Fi with an auxiliary Ne is INFj in Socionics, not INFp. -- piccolo_michel
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