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Question #1241817776Friday, 8-May-2009
Category: ISFj Typing
Is it likely that ISFjs would mistype themselves as extroverts as they like to talk about their problems with friends and like to be around people? -- Anonymous
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A1 I've observed that in my personal life, yes. One ISFj I know typed herself as ESFj, and another is quite outgoing, to the point that I still sometimes doubt her type. This may or may not be indicative of a general trend. -- Krig (INTj)
A2 What defines an extravert for you? Does this definition fit the criteria laid out as per Socionics? If not, does the definition then matter? Does a type define a person? -- INTj laddie
A3 Yep, I know one that seems incredibly extroverted (socially out there), more so than me. But he's hugely introverted on the inside, it's quite strange. -- MATT- ENTp
A4 yes! -- INFp
A5 I'd say not too likely. ISFjs are more likely to mistype themselves as an ISTj. Usually we know that we're introverted, but it does depend on whether or not the specific ISFj associates with a lot of extroverts and whether or not they have extroverted tendencies. Also, some ISFjs don't want to admit that they're introverts because they think it's synonymous with the word 'loser' and can be kinda sensitive. -- ISFj Tina
A6 uhhhm, duh. i thought i was a esfp for a long time, until i read many isfj descriptions...and yes. -- cari isfj
A7 ISFjs are introverted because they have a dominant introverted function, but like ALL THE OTHER introverted types they can be more talkative or outgoing than many extraverted types. The confusion comes from some stupid tests built by famous people who didn't understand anything about personality typing! Actually I prefer the words used by Berens: INITIATING instead of extraverted and RESPONDING instead of introverted when one thinks of the person. -- piccolo_michel
A8 My ISFj mother did that. It was so obvious her type to me and my sister that we discarded her opinion. @A5 I think that's because they spend quite a lot of time thinking, however those thoughts are based off their feelings. -- Anonymous
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A9 What you described in your question sounds like ESFJ to me. The ISFJs I've known are generally intensely quiet, private people. -- Anonymous
A10 I bought one of Berens' books in late winter. I was hoping it would be a textbook with more detail, but it was more like a workbook with some type descriptions and definitions of the functions. I don't remember which on it was. -- Anonymous
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