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Question #1241817645Friday, 8-May-2009
Category: Type me!!! INTp INFp ENTp
I spend a lot of time dreaming things up in my head and I have a quick and logical mind; I also find myself completely silent in new situations. I was really sure I was an INTp. Then I realized that I talked way too much for that to be possible. I gossip, I tell jokes, I whisper in class (maybe because I know and like almost everyone in my classes, and so feel extra-comfortable?). I often pretend to be more enthusiastic than I actually am, and so give the appearance of an overhappy loudmouth. Is that uncommon for an INTp? Am I ENTp? Or INFp? -- Anonymous
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A1 no one can be defined as a specific type. people just fall into one according to their preferences when you only acknowledge that 16 are possible. but the degree to which you actually resemble this type varies wildly across all four letters. take the mbti, you'll probably find that your i/e and t/f scores are relatively apolar. the specific type you fall into in this case is not so important. just studying one type's characteristics is the simplest thing to do, but i always encourage people to check their resemblance to their second closest type (i.e. the type differing in the letter for which you have the lowest score) in order to better understand themselves. These types were created to make the process easy, but you have to understand, they're just cut up quadrants of a four dimensional system in order to deal with its complexity more generally, but real, specific people often find themselves near the lines of these imaginary boxes in personality-space. don't try to make yourself something you're not. -- thomas (intp, 50 100 25 45)
A2 You tell me what you are. You're the only one who knows the answer. -- INTj laddie
A3 That's not uncommon for an INTP. Intps who have developed their second function: extraverted intuition, can function very extraverted in social situations. Also as an INTP, emotions are projected outwards. wich is very helpfull in social situations as people feel your happiness and enthusiasm, because you radiate this from yourself (this also used as a tool too read other peoples types) -- INTP
A4 @A3 - You're describing MBTI. In Socionics, the ordering of functions you describe is INTj, not INTp. See the following article for more information: -- Krig (INTj)
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