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Question #1241817549Friday, 8-May-2009
Category: ISTp ESTp Intertype Relations Personality Duality
Is it me or is there a lot of xSTp angst? I been indecisive about wether or not Im an INFp or an ENFp for a bit now and was curious about my duals depending on which i was, obviously the ESTp and the ISTp. I dont seem to have read much all that positive about these xSTp's. Especially in regards to interaction. Is there any reason for this? -- Anonymous
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A1 I'm seeing that too. Where is the stp love. We are nice people and mean you no harm. We are just a bit out of tune with our emotional side. Breakups happen to everyone, any upside to stp-ers? -- ISTPJim
A2 well for starters, both _stp's have this palpable and difficult-to-resist sexual 'vibe' (couldn't think of a better word, sorry) that you can feel just by looking at them. i think it's something to do with leading S and being in touch with their bodies (and so is probably also applicable to the other sp's). they're also intelligent, critical thinking, and often not easy to fool, which all add to their sex appeal. i guess the reason they have problems with social interaction comes down to their functional profile. in simple terms....they don't like others to depend on them (?)(correct me if i'm wrong). the idea of emotional dependency infringes on their strong desire for independence (in the sense of personal competence and autonomy - arising out of T, and freedom to do as they choose/keep their options open - p) they're emotionally withdrawn from themselves and others it seems since they don't like to be too in touch with their feelings and that of others as they think this will impede their ability to see situations objectively and be strong in themselves... STj's don't mind being depended on, and in fact take pride in being dependable and a good contributor (which of course makes ppl like them and want to work with them). also, STj's have a Feeling function as their role/3rd function and can turn on their feeling side at will, or if they concentrate on it. same goes for NTj's. NTp's on the other hand, like STp's have Feeling functions as their weakest functions (in the POLR and the Hidden agenda position); however, they at least have an abstract understanding and appreciation of notions like 'love' 'empathy' 'respect' 'devotion' 'commitment', various constructs related to positive relationship behaviour. i wonder that stp's being attached to the moment, don't see the broader patterns (the ones that happen over time) of ppl's behaviour and so miss out on a lot of important information that would contribute to their understanding of other ppl. and that this lack of information may cause them to make ill-founded conclusions about other ppl, which could in turn have a negative effect on interactions. also..._STp's generally aren't too concerned with coming off as disagreeable. which could cause ppl to think that they just don't give a damn ab/ other ppl's feelings (maybe they don't give much of a damn?). all in all, i like _STp's for their abilities, but close rships require some level of commitment to a plan (a plan at least to stand by a particular person and be there for them, even at one's own inconvenience and displeasure) and this seems be something that STp's can't bring themselves to do as easily as other types. -- Shez
A3 Shez, Thanks! I think you nailed us (but don't tell anyone). -- ISTPJim
A4 Are ISTP's likely to let his friends talk smack about his crush/ romantic interest and not do or say anything to stop that? Does this mean he really doesn't like her? This confuses me, or maybe I'm typing this person wrong... -- infp
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A5 A4 that doesn't sound like ISTP. They don't care for gossip, and do not like others to attack defenseless people who aren't even in the room. Sounds like he's immature whatever type he is. Stay away from that guy. -- ISTPJim
A6 @ A4 I would not let my friends talk smack about any person. Basic morals come into play. -- ISTp
A7 If its a crush sure. if involved then thats another story. if its a crush then why stand up for someone who may not like you back, easyer to sit back. If involved with a person then that would turn on his/her loyalty butten. a Crush is not much more then a thought... i could be wrong thogh just keep in mind ISTP don't fight for just anything, they have to know for sure that it has value to them befor they but there foot down. i would asume he is not sure cause your just a person he is "crushing" on at the moment. i guess that is the way i look at it. other ISTP may see it another way tho -- Anonymous
A8 Well said Jim. -- Anonymous
A9 ISTPs can produce detailed work of an unrivalled quality imo. -- Anonymous
A10 xSTps are great and I have a lot of respect for them. It is understandable, however, that people have "angst" about them. Something I find hilarious is how you MUST type your xSTp as such immediately. You must know your STp! If you confuse them for another type, and do not have your xSTp thinking cap on, you could be screwed! This is because, with these types, you may have to do things completely differently. They do make very rewarding friends, lovers, and family members. You just have to change your approach. Boo-hoo, I know. -- ENTj
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