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Question #1241817548Friday, 8-May-2009
Category: ESFp E/I Type me!!!
I recently decided that I am most likely an esfp. This discovery has excited and inspired me so much, and I feel like I've finally figured out everthing about myself. But here's the the thing: last year I felt the exact same way when I "discovered" that I was an isfp. And before that I was an infp, and before that an infj. What's the deal? -- Maggie
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A1 Well I dont know if this helps, but... I am an ESFp and I had had a similar problem, not only with types, but with study programmes, guys, etc. Recently, I have started to settle down - in the ESFp way, that is, I have found the right type, the right study programme, the right basis for my religion. ESFps need very much to identify with a certain clearly definable thing, but they need time to develop this identification. If the ESFp type is right for you, it will stay with you. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A2 I can't' say what type you are of course, but it seems to me that those who are seeking to discover their type/identity the most are almost always "n" types rather than "s" types. -- Anonymous
A3 A2: I'm afraid it's not as simple as that. That's one of the MBTI definitions of N, but I'm not so sure it's valid in Socionics. I know many examples that support this theory and many examples that don't. For example, my ISTp mom is seeking to discover her identity all the time while my INFj sister isn't at all, while my INFj boss is trying to "find himself" very much. I myself was seeking to discover my identity from 7 up to 23 years of age. So I think this depends more on the situation you find yourself in. For example when you're in your teens, or you differ strongly from others, you need to explain it. Or when you break up you try to understand how you differ from your ex. My ISTp mom has got a divorce and my INFj boss is hated by his colleagues. While people who are more or less OK dont usually search for their identity (well, maybe when they are bored:-)). IMO the difference between Ss and Ns lies more in how we define the identity. We Ss usually study and apply just one or two theories and eventually can be satisfied with terms such as "an ESTp, Se subtype", "a teacher", "a bit crazy", "more educated than others". While Ns, especially NFs, search for something more complex and unique. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A4 It would mean you are ENFp. -- :-)
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A5 I am INFx and completely satisfied with the likes of those, as long as others share the same views (meaning they're likely the truth) and we don't run into conflicts or other practical problems whose solution would require better understanding of each others. -- Anonymous
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