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Question #1241081802Thursday, 30-Apr-2009
Category: Statistics
Which type is the most judgemental? -- scarletdragon
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A1 ESFj? -- Simon the INFp
A2 that really depends on what is being judged, i.e. ethical behaviour or logical relations, etc. -- Anonymous
A3 ESFJ -- Anonymous
A4 well, from my experiences, ESTps are the most shallow.. not sure about judgmental though. -- Anonymous
A5 ISTj - The Critic. -- Anonymous
A6 ISFj? All types incorrectly evaluate things in some respect...but if we're defining 'judgemental' as a too-quickly-formulated, uninformed, and rigid evaluation of the moral righteousness of ppl's actions... then yeah...ISFj i'd say. -- Shez
A7 this one is tough, and i don't think it's based on type. the 2 most judgmental people I know are INTp and ESFJ. -- Anonymous
A8 the most judgemental type must be A4'S type! -- offendedestp
A9 agree with a4 -- Anonymous
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A10 most likley esfj -- Anonymous
A11 isfj. think of it this way - fi=morality, etc, and se=the most forceful IM. so its like they "force their morals". they make epic heroes in movies though. -- Anonymous
A12 as an ISFj id have to admit that we (along with ESFjs) can indeed be judgemental in that we often have a very black and white sense of right and wrong. however we also tend to have a lot of compassion for people, and even if we think someone has made a bad choice we tend to sympathize and support the best we can. -- Anonymous
A13 The xSFj i know in real life are actually quite pleasant to be with. In fact, the more judgmental people I've dealt with tend to be xSxp. Go figure. I don't think certain types are more judgmental than others, just people. -- ISFp
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