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Question #1241081731Thursday, 30-Apr-2009
Category: Celebrities Typing
Which,do you think,is the type of Marilyn Monroe? And what's your opinion about her personality as a whole? Thanx for the answers! -- Anonymous
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A1 has her as an INFp -- Anonymous
A2 But I have viewed sites that state she's an ESFP or an ISFP -- Anonymous
A3 Marilyn Monroe was bipolar and depressed. ESFps are much too optimistic and happy people, and ISFps are too peaceful. She had fears of being abandoned and she constantly experienced extreme highs and lows. It's pretty uncommon for either ESFp or ISFp to be bipolar or depressed, but with INFps, it's so common it's almost normal. Also, remember this is Socionics, not Myers-Briggs, so don't use Myers-Briggs websites for a Socionics website. -- A1
A4 I see Marilyn Monroe as having the sexual varient very clearly and would think that she is infp or an infj with infp tendancies. -- Suzzy
A5 I watched a bio on her and she sounds like a troubled INFp. -- An INFj
A6 @ A3 Look, u seem prejudiced. I am an ISFP and I have had depression periods in my life. So depression has nothing to do with personality type U see? Everyone could be its victim,each and everyone of the types. -- Anonymous
A7 I'm extremely certain Marilyn Monroe was an ESFP. Depression can make Extraverts look like Introverts. -- Anonymous
A8 She is not ISFP. -- Anonymous
A9 A6 - yes, of course depression can hit anybody, but specifically INFps seem to get it more often than other types. Also, I stated in my last post not to use Myers-Briggs on a Socionics website. Capitalizing the last letter means you are using Myers Briggs. In Socionics, you don't even know if you are an ISFp, if you're going by Myers Briggs. You could be ISFj. And furthermore, your post has nothing to do with Marilyn Monroe's type. She did not seem to be an S at all, I think it's safe to say she is an INFp. -- A3
A10 A9, I don't agree with you at all that one type is more prone to depression than another. The confusion might come from the fact that a lot of types don't show the stereotypical signs of depression, especially those weak in Fe -- An INFj
A11 As a healthcare worker that has seen many patients with depression and bipolar disorders, more often than not its associated with physical, sexual, and even verbal abuse at the hands of someone very close to them. Other times its chemical imbalance or just years of living with someone with some extreme form of dysfunction. Yes some personality maybe more prone to others, but I don't think one can broadly associate one personality type as a guarantee to be depressed or have bipolar disorder. -- Anonymous
A12 Marilyn Monroe, ESFP, focus of attention, excessive emotionality and attention seeking, melodamatic, seductive, trusting, vain, "Lady Gaga of the fifties". -- jgbr
A13 Marilyn Monroe was an ISFp Fe subtype. Please stop saying which types are more prone to depression. Anyone under her circumstances could easily fall to depression. ISFp's are especially vulnerable. -- Anonymous
A14 thought this would be particularly interesting to the subject: There are other pieces of psychology literature which details that specifically, ISFP, INFP and ISFJ are types which are most susseptable to depression. I am ISFP and I often feel down and low...and the fact that my type is more prone to depression makes me feel better. Its almost as if I have been given objective information to change.. Obviously depression is not a good way to deal with things (lol) There is also one particular extraverted type which can more commonly experience depression:ESFJ...but i think they suffer more from bipolar as opposed to unipolar. -- Anonymous
A15 According to the socionics russian site Marilyn Monroe's type has to be ENFp. ENFp: Eddie Murphy, Pierre Richard, Noah Wyle, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Natalie Portman, Cameron Diaz, Marilyn Monroe, Heather Graham, Kristin Davis, Rachael Leigh Cook, Alexis Thorpe, Gloria Reuben, Helen Hunt, Britney Spears... among many others... -- piccolo_michel
A16 A15 There is not a single ENFP, ENFp, IEE, (1Ne, 2.Fi) in this short list... -- jgbr
A17 A15. The site displays names at random. -- jgbr
A18 I need to correct my previous mistake A12. Marilyn Monroe, (MBTI: INFP), (Socionics: Yesenin), "The Peaceful Romantic", emotionally reactive, Creative, Idealistic, Guided by strong inner sense of values, socially buoyant etc. -- jgbr
A19 A12: Yeah, that's the stereotype about us. But what people keep forgetting is that Se and F are our FORTES, which means we are able to use them CREATIVELY and EFFECTIVELY and we're also able to GIVE a lot to others in this area spontaneously. Which means, when we need attention, we make a joke or get on the stage. That way, we get the attention and people get cheered up or intrigued. When we need love, we simply call someone and tell them we feel lonely or invite them to a cafe. We get the positive interaction and the other person too. Of course there are some ESFps who aren't able to do that, but those are disturbed or mentally ill people. And of course there are periods of time when we don't get the love and/or attention, but those result in either more frequent calls to friends, or quiet feeling of hopeless confusion and a search for someone or something that could explain things to us that's usually not visible to others, or in an illness, or in an addiction, or in a depression, or in desperate attempts at impersonal, but heated discussions on various intellectual topics. But not in the whole set of crazy things Marilyn was doing. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A20 Ok, here's my ESFp analysis: Typing Marilyn is difficult because she was an unusual person, with rough childhood and very insecure. So whatever type we call her, she's not a typical representant of that type. My humble opinion is that she was an ENTp. She looks and behaves very different in every film (or at least the ones I've seen), which is typical of Nps. Her occasional disability to remember one single line indicates N. Her movements are very fluent, sometimes it seems she's made of rubber, which is typical of ENps. Her smile is not the sudden, ear-to-ear supercheerful smile of ESFps - it's artificial and deliberate. Also other elements of her behaviour suggest F was rather her weak side. And her attitude towards nudity suggests she was on the Si - Ne scale rather than on the Se - Ni (our attitude is different because we see the nudity more from the outside). As to the Intertype Relations: to me, she looks fascinating but I don't understand her facial expressions and can't watch her for a long time, which might indicate a Super-Ego relation. So, my result is ENTp. (And don't get the idea I'm trying to call her almost my opposite because I hate her I actually quite like her, just don't understand her.) -- Ezis (ESFp)
A21 Monroe was ESFP - there is no such thing as "bipolar disorder." It's an invented "disorder" meant to sell psychotropic drugs from Big Pharma... -- Anonymous
A22 ENFP. It's striking the similarities between my life and hers and if anyone would know her personality type, it would be me. I am an ENFP, she is the same as me, so therefore she would be an ENFP as well. -- Anonymous
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