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Question #1240342382Tuesday, 21-Apr-2009
Category: Enneagram Socionics Theory
What is your type and enneagram? I found a correlation between socionics type and enneagram listed on the net somewhere. Do you agree with these? ENTP(7,2)- ISFP(9) ESFJ(2,3)- INTJ(4,5) ENFJ(2) - ISTJ(6) ESTP(3) - INFP(9,4) ESFP(3) - INTP(5) ENTJ(1,8)- ISFJ(6) ESTJ(8,1)- INFJ (4,9) ENFP(7) - ISTP (5) -- Anonymous
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A1 I'm an INFp, and enneagram 4. My boyfriend is an ESTp, enneagram 8. I don't know much about the enneagrams. I tried my hardest to understand this article (, but it just didn't make much sense to me. -- Anonymous
A2 -actually, I am the last poster, and I just had my boyfriend retake it. He is definitely a 3, not an 8. -- Anonymous
A3 I got 7 on the Enneagram. And through testing I get mostly ENFP, other times INFP. -- ENFP
A4 as of late I've been really interested in enneagram types and when first introduced I had a similar experience when I was first intoducted to socioinics - I was plagued by mistyping and indecision. When viewing socionics INTj celebrity page the only type I'm sure of is James Hetfield from Metallica - enneagram type 4 with a 5 wing (the bohemian) and social intinctual type. Type 4 is the romantic aka the individualist and a sure sign of this type is to romanticize death and feelings associated with shame - he has made a musicial career from this. When I consider George Lucas and Star Wars and Indiana Jones - there is a casual connection to individualism but his artistic creations are far less morbid. However type 4 with a five wing have the capacity to create works that are deeply personal yet universal and have a timeless appeal. From the enneagram institue website George Lucas and Carl Jung, both of whom are INTj, are listed as type nines the peacemaker. I'm fairly acquinted with Carl Jung's work and I think he shows signs of enneagram type 4 with a 5 wing - he first introduced individaulism into psychology and often demonstrated an artistic flair in his writtings, but notibly type 9 is known for carrying all the traits of all nine enneagram types, for instance I had read from wikipedia that type 4 can be asethetic and spiritual but so is type 9. As for the three other alpha members I agree that ENTp suits type 7 the enthusiasist, ISFp is type 9 with a one wing (the dreamer) the peacemaker and ESFj is type 3 with a four wing (the professional) the achiever. As for myself I would say I’m type 4 with a five wing and the self-preserving instict type. From the enneagram institue website there is a compatibility section - what do you make of that in regards to socionics? -- Anonymous
A5 I'm an ESFj and I got enneagram 2. I think it describes me well at least in the website I checked out- -- Anonymous
A6 any idea what wing u are? -- Anonymous
A7 no, no, no, that correlation's all wrong! -- Anonymous
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What that is it?
A8 I am INTp and enneagram 5w4. I think every INTp I've seen has been a 5. -- Anonymous
A9 ENXp and a definite 7! XD -- Anonymous
A10 lol oh my gosh I'm an infp and I've been deciding weather i was a 4 or a 9 ha. -- alan
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A11 My types are ISFJ (ISFj) and Enneagram 5. So many things what are said about ISTP (ISTp) or enneagram 6 (phobic) also partly fit with my personality. Actually my behaviour fits mostly with ISFJ (ISFj) while my intertype-relations fit a little more with ISTp than with ISFj. Some people thought I have an ISTp type and Enneagram 6 (phobic) -- piccolo_michel
A12 I'm an INFp, and I'm a type 4, and after that a 9. -- Simon the INFp
A13 I'm an ENFp, and a year ago gave me 1, though I felt more like a 7. Yesterday I got 7, possibly because in June I managed to change my subtype from Intuitive to Ethical (more confidence). I know I'm 7+1, and I think generally they both apply to ENFp. Maybe 2 too, maybe 9... -- huxley
A14 I'm 5w6. Nowadays I score Intj according to mbti and socionics. Im really ENFp though. -- Anonymous
A15 ISTp and I most frequently test as a 5w4 but 9 (probably 9w1)fits better. I'm really not into the enneagram however. -- SLI
A16 A15 How can you not be into the ennagram? I personally think it gives a better description than typology. -- A14
A17 A15 i think that enneagram descriptions are much less descriptive than typology, with socionics you are not just the 4 letters, you are the underlying functions of the letters, with descriptions for every function and how it affects every single type. not to mention the subtypes and dichotomies. to me enneagram is too predictable and bland. some socionics tests are too predictable but that's the ones that are too focused on I/E N/S T/F P/J. of course enneagram does have the wings and the instinctual subtypes, that's a plus of it. but overall i prefer socionics. do prefer enneagram over MBTI though. -- Anonymous
A18 ENTp and 8, a typing combination which contributed to shed substantial light of understanding in retrospect concerning certain episodes of behaviour in my past. -- Anonymous
A19 @A16 I haven't read up on the enneagram in awhile but from what I remember none of it really struck a chord with me. I most identify with 5 & 9 but I see myself alot in both; heck all 9 types really. Maybe eventually I'll go back and attempt to learn it. Different strokes for different folks I guess. -- A15
A20 oops mine was directed at A16 not A15 -- A17
A21 I am INTp E5. Enneagram type 5 seems to be full of INTp and INTj. I think INTP is more likely to be 5w4, and INTJ 5w6. I know an ISFp that is type 9, and two ISFjs that could be type 6 but one could possibly be a 2, the other might be a 4. -- jragonfly
A22 ENFP IEE 7w8 2w3 9w8 Someone please help me make sense of these. -- helovesmickey
A23 I've not been able to find a website that shows research correlations between socionics vs Enneagram types; every site I've found had tried to find correlations between MBTI types & Enneagram. I found a site (Can't remember which one, so no hyperlink.) that showed a study in 2013 of over 5,000 participants who'd taken both. Some types appeared to have very little correlation; others (especially my MBTI type) had rather strong ones. 78% of the INTP participants tested as E5. (56% of INTJ's also scored E5.) None of the INTP's got E1 or E2 in the research project; none of the INTJ's got E2 or E3. I'm a 5w4 [Iconoclast] with strong self-preserving [sp] instincts, according to my most recent results a month or so ago (and consequently, virtually "non-existent" scores for Social [so] & Sexual [sx] instincts). I wonder if there's possibly also a correlation between MBTI & instinct preferences. -- Soc INTj, MBTI INTP, SLOAN rcoei, Enne 5w4
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