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Question #1240252761Monday, 20-Apr-2009
Category: Type me!!! Visual Identification
Is there a way i can submit a picture of myself or submit a link to one so some one can V.I. me? I'm confused as to my type, i wont offer what i tets as so oppinions arn't baised but it seems the more i learn about psychological types the more unsure as to which i am. -- -confused
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A1 I doubt that VI could determine your type that accurately, I can tell you that from your post, that you are not an INTP, INTJ, ENTP, ENTJ, ENFP, ISTJ, INFJ. I seem to be getting an ISFJ kind of vibe. Why not just write up a whole heap of examples of your behavior so that people can identify you like that? But if you really want to be Visually Identified, send us a link to your myspace/facebook, that should have a picture of you right? -- MATT- INFp
A2 you can probably just post the link here, copy and paste. -- Anonymous
A3 Im not the OP but could you VI me? -- Anonymous
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A4 YOU are most definitely...quite good looking actually. nice pic btw. love the look of the light...your face reminds me of that of an INFj that i know...but you're eyes aren't squinty and piercing like his. plus judging by the way you write, you're not an INFj. yeah, you're probably an ISFj (based on VI)'ve got the calm j look, and the sympathetic F look (not only that, but a bare, open Fi look)...and the introspective I look...putting all those pieces together, ISFj is the result...oh, and you look kinda worried, which is a characteristic ISFj expression... -- Shez
A5 you appear vaguely infj-ish: quiet and contemplative with a sense of inner balance, peacefulness and equanimity. it could just be the serene-looking background though. -- Anonymous
A6 There are forums on this site where you can post pics -- Anonymous
A7 #A3 INTj? I really dont know but You are so cute -- musicphilos
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