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Question #1240252434Monday, 20-Apr-2009
Category: INTj INFj INFp ISTp
Intjs, what are your views on infjs, infps, and istps? -- Anonymous
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A1 INFjs I understand and can get along with well, but sometimes they inexplicably refuse to listen to logic. INFps I also get along with well, but in a different way. I have little to no understanding of their thought process. ISTps are cool and relaxed, but can be dogmatically stubborn on too little evidence. Please note: I may be generalizing from too small of a sample size. This is only reflective of those examples of each type I have so far met. -- Krig (INTj)
A2 As a INTJ personally, I find good friends are those who help you grow into a better person. A INFJ is courtious,over-conscienous, needy, a good listener, and will produce the never ending conversation between the two of you. A ISTP will pervent your mind, and find your logic intriguing but too dense to believe it is comprehesable. At the same time, the ISTP will see right through you with their superman lenses and know your kyponite, your function; knowing this, they will try to correct your disfunction. My overall oppression is they like to be zen, do nothing, chill as dream and goal in life which I can respect compared to my tensed pinch nerve reaction to every move I make comtemplating about the univese and forgeting to eat dinner and go to sleep like right now. But I digress, the INFP is a charming prototype of the type of person I strive to learn socially from. I moved in baby steps from learning how to be social from a intp to a istp to an infp. INFPs have a nack at following all the rules of thumb they give for dating, friendships, and such without knowing them working the room with a stellar performace ending it with something uniquely them. I can't say I've ever had a dull moment with one, and the ones I know find me more intriguing than most people I know. Most of these friendships work best as an one-on-one basis for hanging out, or within a close knit group. They require breathing room, and thier attention, esp. the INFP!! The people I know that are of these three types, I care deeply for and would do almost anything for or else I most likely wouldn't examine them. -- INTJ firefly7
A3 It's sort of random, asking about only those 3 types. I'm an INFP, and my husband is an INTJ. I think I find him more interesting than most people. He comes across as super mellow, nice, polite, and dependable. I detect in him that he has a million different interests, and is constantly observing and calculating things. Most people don't detect that. I think he grasps how complex I am, and finds it intriguing. I must agree though, he doesn't follow my line of thought, and he can get frustrated with me when I'm emotional. -- infp
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A4 I am an INTJ female, this is an odd question. I like odd. infjs, infps, and istps I can only answer from my personal experience. The INFP seem too child like for my attention span. Even the sober ones seem dingy and stoned. So I never really bother. I find I pity them as I perceive they must get their feelings "hurt" a lot, simultaneously I admire their ability to keep on being their imaginary selves. Hence, I find them interesting- if only from afar off. I like to watch them but not talk to them. The INFJ and the ISTP personalities, I can talk to them forever and I find them both fascinating. Sometimes though the INFJ can get a little too irrational for wide spread practical purposes. For instance, one INFJ friend I had thought the concept of, and I quote her phrase :"Naked Time" should be allowed by the invisible social law. I tried to explain there are places that socially allow for naked time if that's your desire, but that wide spread naked time was not a real and viable social option. While she didn't believe in Adam and Eve, she was willing to use them as a basis for her argument- and while I agree that Adam and Eve were likely symbolic of something other than literal 2 persons, no manner of explaining how Adam and Eve's fig leaves were metaphorical and their nakedness had nothing to do with the absence of clothing was of any a/effect. ISTP's, they know stuff and can show you how to do stuff. Like work on your car... and they seem capable of taking all manner of the crap they can dish out. If you want to know where is a good cheap place to eat, ride a motorcycle or get a tattoo, ask one of them. Try throwing a ball at them, they always catch them- even when your geeky NT aim is off. However, unlike the INFJ they do not like the N types theoretical rhetoric and wont discuss theory or ideas for very long, which the N types do so much of. You can get lonely for want of some real N time conversation in their prolonged presence. -- berdyINTJ
A5 Well: Two of my closest friends happen to be ISTp & INFj. I get along with them rather well. They're not as annoying as some types. The ISTp friend tends to expect more communication from me than the INFj though. Which is irritating at times. -- Anonymous
A6 What do you guys think of ISFjs and INTps? -- Anonymous
A7 Very true A4. My ISTP friend helped me break into my car when I locked myself out of it. -- Anonymous
A8 Response to A6:ISFJs are usually very kind and helpful, but sometimes it's way too easy to hurt their feelings. Also they can get mad at you for something that you didn't do (in regards to proper social etiquette, manners, etc.). INTPs are some of the smartest people I've ever met. One I've met is in the very top few percent of a certain mathematics profession. -- INTJ
A9 A8, hilarious. ISFjs are like that with everyone. "That's not what I diiiiiiid....." is a familiar tune from my own experience with them. -- ENTj
A10 In am an INTJ female. I tend to get along very well with other "N"s as we meet in the intuitive function....My INFP son tends to run on too long for me, but he is sweet, kind, and attentive. I work with INFJs and ISTPs. I like the INFJ, but they are too conflict-adverse for my workplace. They tend to marshmallow rather than stand up an lead. The ISTPs have been a bad to disastrous fit to my workplace. They don't take their work seriously, don't meet deadlines, don't pay attention to quality, etc. Since I usually end up stuck cleaning up after their messes, this isn't a fun type for me. -- Anonymous
A11 INFJs are fun to talk to. I find they tend to have many different interests and can converse on them in a compatible way, and they can make me think about problems in ways I don't typically do. As others have said, INFJs are good about reminding INTJs about manners and whatnot. INFJs are very useful to us, and I usually have a few around. INFPs are incredibly irritating, but can push INTJs enough out of their boxes that the experience can be worthwhile. They have the intuitive chops to follow along with an INTJ's leaps, but ultimately they talk more in terms of feelings. An INTJ will feel frustrated with such people, and put at a state of unease as INFPs switch from one thing to another. Still, INFPs are interesting puzzles to the INTJ. Really, that's the only reason INTJs pay attention to INFPs... they are a project. When INFPs are doing those things that frustrate and confuse INTJs too much, we'll simply ignore them again. ISTPs are good for vigorous debate. Ultimately though, as an INTJ I'll end up feeling smugly superior to them because they don't have the fine control over themselves that I do. ISTPs are too detail-oriented, so I can't have a real conversation about things that interest me the most, but at least they speak in logical terms that I appreciate. Their main use to me is challenging my assumptions and providing me with new data. ISFJs are everywhere, and frankly I don't care much for them. They keep the trains running, but it's hard to talk to them. They don't react well to us, and I look down on them. I'm pretty sure it's me looking down on them that they don't react well to, haha. INTPs are the so-called Quasi-Identical Relation for INTJs. We can talk about anything together, casually, but ultimately it's just too difficult to make any real connection. We have much of the same traits, but we think and speak in very different languages. INTPs are uncomfortable to deal with, and thankfully they are as rare as we are. I guess the best way to think of them is that they're competitors in the same niche, but they're not enemies. It's like looking in a mirror. It's you, but reversed. Weird. This was fun, we should have more topics like this. -- Anonymous
A12 wat about enfps ?? wat do u think of them? -- Anonymous
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