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Question #1239777705Wednesday, 15-Apr-2009
Category: ISTp Hidden Agenda Love Relationship
Ok so the ISTP hidden agenda is to love. But they are bad at expressing feelings. What qualities would a person have that makes the ISTP completely comfortable to love? They often have pets that they absolutely adore, is it because the pet cannot possible reject them? If so, do you need to express your needs and your weaknesses and your love towards in order to allow them to love you? (ENFP here) -- Anonymous
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A23 A17 described me perfectly. I am also very ISTp, no doubt about it. In my relationship experiences, I never set out to hurt a person as suggested by someone else. I devote myself completely to developing the relationship if the person shows an equally deep devotion, therefore making me trust them not to just walk away from the relationship. Although, if I feel like there is nothing changing in the relationship, or feelings are lost, I give up on it. I don't know if that is the truthfulness in me, by just acknowledging the fact that no feelings are being harbored anymore so therefore I move on, or if it's because I'm horrible at conveying my emotions that I can't explain to them why I don't like them anymore, so I just kind of stop talking to them. I understand how that can be portrayed at hurtful, because I would be hurt if someone did that to me, but I can't help it. Sorry if this is completely misrepresenting an ISTp, but this is what personally happens to me. -- Anonymous
A24 As an INFj who's had an ISTp interested in her for several years, I've wondered about the link between emotion & the sensing function as described by A16 (though I had no idea it could be so extreme!), and wondered if that's why they try to express their emotional interest through the senses? Also if the best way to comfort an ISTp might be a physical touch of some sort, just not necessarily overwhelming? Not the passion side of physical touch, but the relational. I've also been finding lately that I'm able to catch his emotions & thoughts, as in, I can feel them, almost hear them. Would that be a good way to help an ISTp learn to open up & feel comfortable with their hearts, or would it completely freak them out? I find it's helping me personally to know what's going on beyond that impossible enigma of outward seeming... -- Anonymous
A25 A16 and A22 you are music to my ears… I'm a girl ISTP and that's exactly how I am. A17 exactly. The emotions reflect directly on my body, I think because they are too strong for my psyche or something. Probably due the Sensing nature. -- 7
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A26 Istps don't want to love. They want to make their coworkers completely miserable! The istp girl at my work is so hateful but she is SOOO sneaky. I got so worked up about how disgustingly nasty she is that I was coming up with plans to meet her after work. But when I realized how serious things were getting, I decided to complain about her to the manager. The manager was completely shocked about why I would have a problem with such a sweet girl. Now I look like a total idiot that can't get along with my coworkers. Brings me back to my child hood with my Evil sinister istp sister. They don't want to love, they want to make people hate life and then sit back and laugh with a bag of popcorn. They're heartless animals! -- Intp
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