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Question #1239709423Tuesday, 14-Apr-2009
Category: Gay INFp Marriage Love
Okay, this has been bothering me for a long time; if any of you are homosexual, can you please tell me so and what your type is? I know that it's a bit nosy, but I'm just curious. Also, have any of you infps married and are still happy? -- Anonymous
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A1 Why would something like this have been bothering you for such a long time? -- INTj laddie
A2 I'm not married, but I know an INFp who is happily married... -- Simon the INFp
A3 It is something I can't see myself being happy or ever. -- INFp guy
A4 Furthermore, another question; is marriage the only option to happiness? -- INTj laddie
A5 Of course marriage isn't, but most people go into marriage very happy, and, infps, having the most difficulty in love might fall out of it very quickly. I was just wondering if any infp for ever finding romantic content. Well, for the first question, I was really just wondering whether type actually influenced orientation. I mean, if two people were to have the same personality basis (and gender) wouldn't it be fairly reasonable to conclude their sexuality is the same too? Although, I know there are homosexuals of all the types, but, like I said, I was just curious. Thank you all that answered, I very much appreciate it. -- the person who posted the question
A6 Type may have something to do with it, it may not. Both type and gender orientation are complex phenomena that we haven't come to terms with understanding as of yet. Remember too, that these types don't exist in the real world as concrete phenomena, and at the end of the day, they're simply our best description of what we see. This distinction between finding a good description of reality and reality itself is very important, lest one fall into the trap of falsely assuming that a mental construct is indeed an actual independent reality. Furthermore, if you want romantic content, it's there for you. Your relationships are entirely within your control in terms of how you want to approach them. If you want to get married and be happy, that's entirely within your power. All it takes is going out and actually doing it rather than second-guessing yourself. It involves committing oneself to a course of action and following through, that's all. You've got the power, use it if you want to! -- INTj laddie
A7 Why are you so interested in typing homosexuals? Surely if you just go by bits and pieces of anecdotal evidence then you won't come up with an accurate sample of responses anyway. This will simply lead to confusion and stereotyping. Homosexuals come in a plethora of types, just like everybody else. -- Anonymous
A8 Yep, I'm gay, ENTP, married to an ENTJ man (ten years today, in fact). And I'm convinced that our similar intuitive-thinking preference has been a huge boost to us making a success of our relationship. I have lots of INFP friends and colleagues, gay and straight, but interestingly, none of them seem to be partnered with other intuitive-feeling types. Most, in fact, seem to choose xSxJ types. -- garry
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