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Question #1239709407Tuesday, 14-Apr-2009
Category: E/I Theory Models Relationship Stereotype
Can any one list all the types from most extroverted to least extroverted? Obviously E's will be toward the start and I's will be toward the end of the list but is their crossover? Like are some I's more extroverted or social than some Extroverts? -- Just wondering
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A1 I think many of the differences in degrees of extraversion/introversion can be attributed to subtypes, especially as Gulenko describes them: Each individual type can be more or less extraverted/introverted, depending on their subtype. -- Krig (INTj)
A2 Ok. Anyone who is an ExFx, may well come across as shyer or quieter... Infact all Fs will. They are after all, concerned about other people's feelings and so are less likely to be assertive than Thinking personalitys. Yet again, these Fs could well learn how to deal with this and be able to be assertive when needed and could come across as extroverted in other ways. Extrovertedess and Intorverdness are easily confused and are a bit of a gray area. I would more focus on how people get their energy rather than how they are in social situations, as that could be down to confidence rather than personality. I am an ENFP, and I really don't know if I'm an E/I. The ENFP description matches me perfectly, yet I would probably class myself as an introvert (based on social situations). Yet I draw energy externally, when alone I fall into a negative spiral and I am very enthusiastic and can be full of positive energy. Yet I'm easily hurt and not very forceful, I don't tend to strike up conversations with any stranger I meet either. I've read many times though ENFPs are the most introverted of the Es, and I've read ISTP/Js (i think it is, posses a strong external confidence yet aren't particularly interested in socialising/people. -- An ENFP
A3 Most extroverted ESTJ, ESFJ. Most introverted ISFP, ISTP. -- Anonymous
A4 I agree that we should not confuse how one processes or receives information with how one may appear at a party. Everyone has extroverted functions and because we can observe these functions to varying degrees, this does not mean that they are in control of the psyche to the same degree. What the public may be allowed to observe as extroversion by an individual is likely a function of personality; some of it may be naturally occuring and some forced. -- I/O
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