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Question #1239479917Saturday, 11-Apr-2009
Category: INTp Attraction Relationship Love
How can you tell wether or not an INTP is in love?? They are very private and in general dont let love preoccupy them. So irrelevent of wether or not you are the object of affection, or wether or not the object of affection is present in the INTPs company. How can you tell? (Or what could you do to find out?) (The person is male, if that makes a difference) -- Richard ANON
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A1 My brother is an INTp... basically, I notice that when he's at least interested in a girl (though I don't know that he's necessarily in love) he will tend to talk to her more often. Like with most people, he doesn't talk to them very much, even if they're his good friends. Now think of other people, and how much normal friends talk to eachother. That's about how much he talks to the girl he likes... which is quite a bit more than he talks to other people. However, if you ask him about it, he'll say "Nothing," or "Nobody" or "None of your business" or sometimes he'll deny that he even likes her. Anyway, that's the only INTp experience I've gotten. Hope it helps! -- NF something or other
A2 The hardest thing about figuring out the affections of an intp is, like you said, their indifference and stoic exterior. One of my friend's boy friend is an intp, and she says he is very frank. The best way to find out is just to simply ask. (and, if you like him, maybe tell him your feelings to grease the wheels) For when they're in love they wholey and completely pay attention to the person they love. While they may not show it, inside they want to please their partner and are softened by their presense. I hope you've found this somewhat helpful, and, intps, I know I probably didn't get it right, but these are just my speculations. -- Anonymous
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A3 This is hard since us intp's don't ignore our feelings but merely suppress them. The only way you'll get him to express his feelings is if he has enough trust in you. If he dosen't trust you, you'll never never ever get him to express and open up to you. -- Fellow INTP
A4 INTps are not equipped to make decisions about relationships. You can't ask an INTp how he feels about a person. He probably has a weaker Fi function than any other type. To get an indication of how much he likes you, try to estimate how much time he spends thinking about you. If you tell him about your favorite band, does he research it and know all their albums the next time you talk? Does he remember the movie you mentioned last week and does he have some clever joke about it? Figure out an excuse to get him to help you in some way. If he really likes you, it will make him feel extremely important. If he thinks you're just a burden on his time, he knows how to be very polite and will let you down gently. -- intp male
A5 And if an INTp who isn't French and generally keeps a distance suddenly hugs you and kisses you on the cheek? -- Anonymous
A6 Im an ILI female, and all I can say is that when I really get into someone, I start showing lots of interest. However this does not assure you my loyalty itself, trust is crucial, if you manage to provide it to your ILI, (s)he'll just simply tell you how you make her/him feel in words. However if there's no trust or if there's not enough interest in you, well, you'll never get to know. :] -- Anonymous
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