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Question #1239361411Friday, 10-Apr-2009
Category: Typing Celebrities Fictional characters
What type is F. Scott Fitzgerald? And, if possible, what are some of the types of the characters in The Great Gatsby? -- Anonymous
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A1 I think Gatsby is INFP or INFJ, he's extremely idealistic, and loyal. Daisy is an ISFP or ESFP. She doesn't have the depth of Gatsby, and is easily swayed. Tom is a ESTJ, pretty sure. He's a hard-headed, controlling, and manipulative type. I don't remember the other characters right now? F. Scott Fitzgerald was an INFP or INFJ maybe? I think 'The Great Gatsby' was semi-autobiographical. -- Anonymous
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A2 F. Scott Fitzgerald, ENFP, uninhibited, spontaneous, fun-loving, and undaunted by risk, imaginative and curious. -- jgbr
A3 I have to correct my mistake A2. F. Scott Fitzgerald, American author of novels and short stories, (MBTI: INFJ), (Socionics: Dostoyevsky), "The Insightful Humanist", Author, Sensitive, Shy, Empath, Idealistic, fears negative evaluation, Risk averse, has Low self-esteem, emotionally deep, inclined to focus on their own abstract thoughts and ideas, focuses on the deeper hidden patterns and meanings behind surface forms and structures, maintains a strong awareness of the interpersonal dimensions of the task, etc. -- jgbr
A4 ISFP - a "composer," in his case, through words. Composing words as a novelist. Once he found success he destroyed himself through alcohol. This is also telling, because the ISFP can easily become a self-debasing hedonist - because they are primarily concerned with their own well-being... and can easily drift into things like alcoholism -- Anonymous
A5 A3. F. Scott Fitzgerald fits into the ESTP (Zhukov) type quite well. The traits such as "self-generated fantasies of godlike power", "infinite riches", "mastermind intelligence", "unparalleled celebrity" are telltale signs. -- jgbr
A6 I'm quite sure that Gatsby is . My reasoning is that he is highly motivated by . Notice the passage where Nick thanks Gatsby and he immediately brightens up out of his sadness over losing Daisy and becomes chipper. Nick says something like "I'm always happy I said that." In other words, Nick, some kind of valuing type, due to his rare showing of emotion, yet keen understanding of people, went out of character and showed which made the ENTp, Gatsby happy. Also notice the fight between Gatsby and Tom where Gatsby begins to fall behind, but is recharge by Daisy overtly showing her love, only to bow out when she leaves him for real. You can rule out leading for Gatsby due to his extroverted nature and finally we know he is not due to his long drawn out plan to get Daisy. An would much more easily drop the issue, and probably be more physically aggressive with Tom. Daisy on the other hand clearly has as a creative function, most evidently in the first long conversation with Nick when they are isolated together. She is very dramatic and plays with her relationship with Tom and meanwhile is dependent on men in a way that shows lack of . I rule out as a leading function which would lead her to seek preserving her relation with Tom at all cost. She doesn't live in the world of her relationships, she plays with them. She must be leading rather than , as evident from her desire to drink and have good and pleasant things around. Tom strikes me as a leading due to his recitation of facts without full understanding in a dinner party scene. Leading have this weakness of accepting dogmas due to the suggestion of (ie "You like this dogma" "that's right I due"). He is also quite territorial about Daisy. She reacts negatively to both these behaviors, demonstrating the / incompatibility. His creative function makes more sense as for the same reason as daisy clearly values this. You can also tell that he uses creatively: it is the thing he offers to people ("here, have some nice food and drink") and he rules over Daisy prenatally rather than authoritatively. The Great Gatsby is thus a story of a man trying desperately to save his dual from a supervision relationship. But it is not the relationship that holds Tom and Daisy together, it's money, so he fails. -- Tulutollu
A7 A2, A3, A5 are wrong. F. Scott Fitzgerald was INFP (Yesenin). -- Anonymous
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