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Question #1238506436Tuesday, 31-Mar-2009
Category: ISTp INFp Dating Relationship Intertype Relations
What does my ISTP boyfriend mean when he said that he doesn't need any relationship to add stress to his already busy life for now? We're in a long-distance relationship. Thanks in advance! -- infpcat
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A1 Should you not be asking him? -- INFp guy
A2 He means exactly what he said, hence why he chose the words. -- INTj laddie
A3 It means what he said. I've heard this before and although I loved him a lot and felt like if he cared he would want it to work, but in retrospect-it means that he cares enough about you to want to let you know that it's not working right now. Don't worry about failing, If it's right, it will happen. Long distance relationships are difficult and unappealing. You get all the arguments and boring stuff without any of the exciting stuff. I say take him up on his offer and stay on good terms. Even though he might care for you very, very much, he's trying to let you know he's unhappy with being so far away from you and it's hard to deal with. if you force him to be with you or do not allow him to get the space he desires, when clearly he can't deal with right now, everything you have right now, will be much worst. best of luck -- Peggacorn<3
A4 Warning: He will, he will try to keep in touch with you and do subtle bare minimum things to keep you emotionally hooked, and he might give you hopes about the future just to keep you around because they have a hard time letting people go. Just keep in mind that it's not worth it (trust me on this, I know and I've seen this many times with many ISTps in relationships) and that there is, there is for sure a better guy out there for you that is actually worth you. -- Anonymous
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A5 He means he is incapable in many aspects that simply can not do to fulfill you in a relationship. And he is dead right. Personally, my experience with many ISTps is that they are so deficient in many ways that cause them a lot of insecurity. You need a good ESTp, they are WAYYYYY better than ISTps trust me. They are way nicer and just want to be loved, thats all. And they do anything to deserve your love and have wayyy better social skills and knows how to make you feel good constantly and boost your confidence whether or not your self esteem is low. It will be worth the wait for an ESTp. Hope this helps. -- Anonymous
A6 ISTps aren't deficient in anything. They've a tremendous amount to offer the right person, that's all. It just takes the right people to see the value in each other. -- INTj laddie
A7 In my ISTp opinion he is hinting he wants to end it with you. But this is most likely temporary. He wants to be with you but feels the conditions aren't in his favour. Having said this do not worry because if he really wants you he will always come back to you. This may not be good for you if you moved on, but if its meant to be it will be. -- ISTp girl
A8 I agree with ISTP girl -- infp
A9 Agree with A7 sounds like he is hinting to the possibility of the beginning of the end so let him chase you and see what he does then you will know for sure. I personally find the comment he made vague and rude. And I agree with A5 yes ESTPs need love and respect we are simply that way and we need INFPs! -- ESTP
A10 A7 is right. ISTPs are commitment-phobic at first. He needs to knowf that he can escape. So, set him free but keep the door open. He will return. -- Anonymous
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