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Question #1238236200Saturday, 28-Mar-2009
Category: Duality Intertype Relations
Introvert v. Extrovert? Why does weather or not some one is I or E have a impact on whether or not they are some one's dual? Does it really matter that much? Why does it matter? Do some types just need to be with people who get wore out by people or vice versa? I'm a ESTp and i have a lot of ENFp friends, if they were Introverted would there be less conflict? -- ESTP!
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A1 Absolutely. ESTp-ENFp is a Super-Ego, that is, (among other characteristics) a very stressful relation. With your duals you can feel at ease, more or less yourself and you can use your strong sides, so conflicts are not that frequent. Their basic functions are also the same as yours (Ni, Se, Fe, Ti), so the way of communication and values are much more similar to yours than the ones of ENFps are. In dual relationships, the extroverted partner needs certain amount of time separate from their dual together with their friends, often extroverted ones, and the introverted partner needs some time alone or with introverted friends. But that doesn't mean duals cannot get along perfectly the time they are together. And some INFps are, so to say, from the more extroverted introverts, they can make good leaders or party organizers, so if you're searching for someone not totally introverted, there's a chance you will find one. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A2 Yes of course it matters as typing allows you to know who you will get along with well and who not so well it matters for compatibility and especially for S.O.'s one little letter is the difference between duality and constant conflict. -- ESTP
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