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Question #1238085103Thursday, 26-Mar-2009
Category: INFp Parenting
Are there any INFP parents? How do you like it? I'm married and thinking about starting family, but I'm scared about how moody/aloof/self-destructive i can be. I just read about the question about how INFPs can be moody/detached. Any feedback from INFP parents? I'm afraid kids will drive me nuts and i won't be able to handle it, but also i really want to have kids. i don't want to miss out on being a parent out of fear. my dad is INFP, so i know they become parents! -- Anonymous
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A1 I'm not very moody even though I'm an INFP. I think the ones who have problems when they have children are those with unsupportive spouses. I don't regret having children at all. But you got to make sure that you have enough time to give to them or it will drive you crazy. Often, the demands of work make it hard for you to be the best parent you can be. I've become less aloof since I had children I think. Sure, they can drive you nuts but they give you great joy! -- Anonymous
A2 Not an INFp myself, but I know a woman who is. She seems to handle her kids just fine. Human beings (including INFps) come hard-wired with the ability to raise kids; unless your wiring is seriously messed up, you shouldn't have any more difficulty than any other parent. -- Krig (INTj)
A3 Well thanks! I actually have been around children more often lately, and I find my self at ease around them. I think INFPs have an inner-child that they never let go of, and children can bring that out. I can see me getting stressed if I don't have 'me' time, but that's how it goes... I'll have to find a way to cope like everyone does. -- Anonymous
A4 Infp here with 2 sons (infp & estp) we have the closest relationship because I allow them to be who they are while I take on the parental role. Infp's have the abilty to be child-like with their kids, nurturing, supporting and still be able define the child-parent parameters. I still had moments of going crazy like any other type but they have grown closer to me since I have made it a point to understand their type and how we relate. -- Anonymous
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