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Question #1237855919Tuesday, 24-Mar-2009
Category: Theory Appearance Visual Identification
Can a persons type change over time? and if so does this change manifest itself physically? For example i am a ESTP if my type changed to something else would say my eyebrows become more symetrical? -- ESTP!
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A1 Well most typists say your personality is set in stone for life - no changing!!!! But i think it's possible. I once heard of an ENFJ who became an INFJ after she became a writer. The writing forced her to become more introspective (which i know isn't quite the same thing as introversion, but the two constructs are related to some extent). I think under certain conditions, and with a fair degree of mental effort, over a prolonged period of time, a person's personality CAN change (in the same way that soldiers can become more emotionally desensitized as a result of certain types of training). Actually, i've been working on changing my personality from INFp to INT-Fj in the past half year or so (i won't go into how or why here in this post) and you know what, my bone structure has actually changed. it's not just my own observation (which alone, i wouldn't trust) but my mum and a couple of friends have noted the change. specifically, my forehead has grown bigger relative to the lower half of my face, and my cheekbones have become more prominent and are closer to my eyes than they were before. These physical changes could just be a result of getting older and independent of personality. I doubt that much research (if any!) has been done on the effect of personality change on facial bone structure and anatomical proportions!! If by any chance, hwv, you have asymmetrical eyebrows and want to symmetrify them, cosmetic surgery might be a surer bet than a personality change! -Shez -- Anonymous
A2 hahahaha. wow. I don't want to rain on anyones parade, but hold on. I'm no expert but I would venture to say that no, you're eyebrows would not become symmetrical by changing your type, which I don't think is possible. And if the cosmetic surgery A1 recommended doesnt work out.. you can always shave it. Look at Joe Flacco, he shaves his unibrow, and as a result, is handsome as sh*t. -- ISTp
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A3 You can't change your type, but every function exists somewhere within you. Therefore, you can strengthen any function or allow any function to weaken over time - for better or worse. -- Anonymous
A4 Why not? People are not robots. We are constantly changing and to think that you will be one thing for the rest of your life is ridiculous. DONT forget that this is just a theory. You can be any type you want or a mixture of types. or even ALL types. How convinced are you that this is even real. and does it really help? I feel like im in a horrible episode of the twilight zone constantly. Consider the variables of a person with reconstructive surgery who believes he has one 'type' and someone who doesnt and doesnt even know what type theory is. -- Anonymous
A5 A4, I'll support your wiew. Nice to read that there is open minded approaches to this theory. I'll strike up one controversial; may it be, that T vs F as an example is tied up to degrees of absolute self-esteem. Just an example and food for thought. Won't comment further on that one btw. -- ENTp
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