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Question #1237855861Tuesday, 24-Mar-2009
Category: Advice Visual Identification
Whats the best way to learn visual identification? -- Looking for a dual
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A1 Years of observation and practice. There are no shortcuts. -- Anonymous
A2 Joint the intelligence or the police. -- jgbr
A3 Believing your dual is the ideal mate based on the so-called science of Socionics is absurd at best. Assuming a dual is such on the basis of specific physical characteristics is yet more absurd. If your so-called dual was a prolific liar or serial killer, they would still qualify as an ideal mate for you because Socionics says so? Perhaps it's time to place a greater value on social interaction rather than ambiguous theories? -- Anonymous
A4 A3- You have renewed my faith in all humanity. -- Anonymous
A5 God, are you harsh enough on the guy for his wording? However, basing type on physical appearance alone can be pretty shaky. It is fairly reliable (about 50% success rate for me, though it hasn't increased over the years), but I attempt face-to-face discussion with a subject before coming to anything resembling a conclusion. -- infp
A6 A3 have you not read the description for the relations of duality on this very site you're posting on? "However, let's not idealise these relations too much. Although theoretically relations of Duality are the best of the best, practically not everybody who is your Dual will make your dreams come true. The reason for this is that we are usually so twisted up during the course of our lives that our already formed and stable views and attitudes can affect our relationships quite heavily. In fact, younger people have more chance to succeed in the quest for their perfect partner than older people. But the chances are always there. There are at least two conditions to be completed for a successful relationship between Duals. Firstly between the partners there has to be at least a minimal mutual attraction. Secondly and most importantly is that the partners are truly striving for the same or similar things. This may include common interests and/or life goals." -- Anonymous
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A7 Hey, how about answering the person's question, instead of critiquing the concept of duality. I, for one, would like to learn more about VI, too. And there seems to be very little or very contradictory information about it. Are there people who teach it? And how do i test my progress without falling under circular reasoning? Help please -- Anonymous
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