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Question #1237817697Monday, 23-Mar-2009
Category: Relationship Duality ENTp ISFp
I'm an ISFP and whenever I find a dual ENTP I get really bored talking to them. I've found that I can always return to them and things won't be awkward like it says about duality pairs but usually after a while, it feels as if we're like an old married couple. Why does it get so boring? I thought duals were supposed to stimulate each other. -- Anonymous
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A1 Old married couple? Sounds a bit like an Illusionary relationship, maybe you are confusing ESTps for ENTps -- Anonymous
A2 I quess it's because ENTPs are very analytical people. I know ENTPs who analyse almost everything. Meanwhile ISFPs are quite playful. They always want to have fun, so listening to someone analysing everything around you can be very dull. So you could try an ENFP (have a lot of fantasy and they are very fun-loving, however they sometimes do philosophise all day) or an ESTP (way less dull than ENTPs, playfull, adventurous, however most ISFPs I know don't really like them). -- Vivi
A3 I think dont give up! Maybe after a while there'll be a break thro. Just remember your dual partner is exactly opposite to you therefore being your other half so if you're the fun one, for example, like many isfp's, your dual partner is relying on you to bring the most fun. And visa versa your dual will bring things to the relationship the you might lack. -- Entp
A4 My theory is that the 'dual' relationship is BS! I think Aushra Augustinavichute (ENTP, founder of Socionics) fell in love with an ISFP, and made a theory of why the two should be together, even through the ISFP found her very boring. Scientifically, Aushra knew she was right though, despite the little ISFP's squirmings. Very ENTP if you ask me. -- Anonymous
A5 I prefer A4's theory. Aušra Augustinavičiūtė was probably an ENTj who fell for an ISFj. She then decided to theorize it into a love match, not knowing that the ISFj didn't understand her. Being the extremely confident and self assured person that she was, it never dawned on her that the ISFj just wanted someone there for him. That's extremely ENTj if you ask me. -- Anonymous
A6 I've seen too many instances of ENTp-ISFp duality working splendidly to believe that duality is "BS". To the original questioner: How many ENTps have you met and talked to? Not all ENTps are exactly alike, maybe you've just met the wrong ones. Also, how certain are you of your own type and that of the ENTps you've met? Mis-typing is easy to do, and obviously you can't have accurate inter-type relations if you don't have accurate types. -- Krig (INTj)
A7 There there now, A4, there are dual relationships, but in order to make it (or any intimate relationship for that matter) successful, maturity in both people is required. Sacrifices, understanding, deep love and passion is needed to make a dual relationship work as well. I still think the description of dual relationship is described as too perfect. And all the other relationships like contrary for example, are underestimated (my parents are contrary and they are pretty happy together in their 23 years of marriage). -- Anonymous
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A8 ISFp's finding ENTp's boring? How about turning the other way around. I am an ENTp who sadly havent met enough ISFp's to broadly generalise, but the ones I do have met were interestingly enough quite fascinating initially, but when we may have occationally done things outside of the usual comfort zone, that is doing things associated with a certain amount of risk and beyond, they acted and reasoned quite defensive and uninspiring, which I find VERY boring. I see that as underestimation about my judgement. When I take risks, they are high quality risks, thoroughly gone through, with high good prospective outcome. Turning those down, by bad and faulty cooperation, is to me a sign of bad confidence about my integrity and competence, and that turns me off more than anything in this world. I cant live with such a person. Won't work. -- Anonymous
A9 Aww, I've met, dated, befriended (I've written down) 10+ Duals. NOT all the same. Psychological Compatibility are pretty awesome for all of them. Broke it off with the girl but that was because of different life goals and her needing to move away. Hope to find another. The guys were all pretty cool but have their own knacks. I'd explore more about the Limitation of Intertype Relations and variables that would actually make it 'work'. Gotta say lots of the Intertype Descriptions are accurate, from here and other sites. Remember though that this requires you to know yourself well and to type others correctly. Good luck~ -- ISFp
A10 you might be an ESFp. What you are describing sounds kind of like super ego relations. At least thats how they are for me. -- Anonymous
A11 agreed with a10 but you could also be ISFj, even though it says conflicting you don't "conflict" unless you are at a psychologically close distance which most conflicting pairs don't get to. although it's also true about duals, that you can get bored of them, but it's the kind of bored that's like ... "I've been spending all this time feeling stimulated by you and it's so nice and relaxing to be with you that now I need to be around other people so I don't get tired of you because I really enjoy this relationship" rather than in conflict / super ego relations, which is more like ... "what you are saying is completely uninteresting to me, please excuse me while i go barf / die of boredom." of course maybe you are ISFp and they are not really ENTp and that person is typed wrong not you. but duals do need breaks from each other, which seems to be the case here. -- Anonymous
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