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Question #1237387760Wednesday, 18-Mar-2009
Category: Relationship INTp
ALIENATION: Is there a type which can be so lopsided that one feels (capable of deep compassion YET) like an alien among men - including family and closest friends? (I'm wondering if it might be INTp - like Marvin the Martian (which would make Bugs Bunny a good sketch of an ESFj as the conflictor) ... ?) Does anyone else out there experience this, and if so, what's your type? -- Anonymous
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A1 I think (and this is just pure speculation) that you're right, INTp would be the most prone to alienation from his fellow man. Lead Ni means that much of his time is spent in inward contemplation, cut off from the day-to-day "S" reality of life, while Creative Te means less emotional connection with people, like an INFp would have. Add to that Suggestive Se, meaning that the INTp longs for a real connection with and grounding in the "here and now", increasing his alienation from the world when he can't find it. Doctor Manhattan of the Watchmen always struck me as an INTp, and alienation from humanity is the major theme of his story. -- Krig (INTj)
A2 Yes, in keeping with the cartoon analogy I think that the same can be said for Spongebob. Squidward is an INTp who just wants to be left alone with his intelect, and Spongebob is an ESFj who thinks everybody is his friend. So yes...I suppose INTps can be "alienated." -- Anonymous
A3 spongebob is most definitly an enfp and squidward is istj. -- Tricia
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A4 I'm with A3 on this one. -- Anonymous
A5 Nah if Squidward was an ISTj he'd be more about shedules and planning and deadlines and order and structure...more J type stuff. Spongebob does seem like way more of an ENFp than an ESFj tho. For the same reasons. Very P and not very J. -- Anonymous
A6 Squidward seems a lot like an ISTp -- Anonymous
A7 I agree with A3. -- INTp
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