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Question #1237041417Saturday, 14-Mar-2009
Category: ENTp ESTp Personality S/N
I have a realy good question can someone have 2 personalities I did the test on and I came out to be a ESTP and like 3 months later I did the Facebook test and I came out ENTP I ignore that I though it was wrong or someting but yesterday I did read the ENTP profile in and all the things they say there is true about me but averithing that says in the ESTP profile is also true O.o both of them are true abouth me even my girldfriend and my friends my mother agree I have both is it pocible to be 50% S and 50% N and also I just did the test again in humanmetris and i came out a ENTP and I did the test in and I came out ESTP :S wtf -- Roberto
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A1 People can only have one personality type. ESTp and ENTp, being Look-a-Like types, can outwardly seem fairly similar, which might explain your confusion. Having analyzed what you've written, it seems to me that an ENTp would have generated more possible explanations and more possible answers, whereas you've stuck to the facts of the matter at hand without speculating (except to state a possibility that someone else generated). I wouldn't want to say for certain, but I suspect that you are an ESTp. -- Krig (INTj)
A2 It is possible to exhibit behavior similar to other types. For example, introverts must occasionally act extrovertly and feeling types sometimes need to take a more logically approach. However, a person only has one type. This only dictates how they will generally think, feel, and act. It cannot predict 100% of their behavior and reasoning. -- Anonymous
A3 I am the person who wrote the question mmmm but like my body tipe is more of and and ENTP and thats wath i am doing finding explanations -_- -- Anonymous
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A4 Visual identification, in my opinion, is the least accurate method of typing, especially for someone who doesn't have years and years of experience in figuring out people's types. If there's a conflict between your type as determined by V.I., and your type as determined by an analysis of your psyche, then the Visual Identification is probably wrong. -- Krig (INTj)
A5 'Ppl can only have one personality type' - that is a tall and heavy absolute statement to make. You should have qualified that that is only according to socionics theory. It gets complicated when you consider a clinical sample, in particular those with a Personality Disorder (or as I prefer to think of it, an 'abnormal personality', as having a non-normal personality does not automatically make you non-functional). This may sound unbelievable, but I am able to mentally and behaviourally 'step into' different personality types, as defined by socionics. Certain types I can maintain for days, some only minutes (esp E_T_ types). I think this ability is founded in Ne (dominant) being able to take in abstract patterns and connections (including socionics theory) paired with Fi in auxilary position (ability to internalize those abstractions and patterns). The sensation of 'stepping' into a different personality feels a bit like stepping into a character when acting, except the personalities aren't characters in a script that someone else has thought up, they're characters I can construct on the spot and that are different 'versions of me'(I realise this sounds wacked out, it is). A good actor doesn't just move/talk like their character, they THINK in the patterns of the character as well, which I can say applies to this tendency of mine. I am not saying this is normal or healthy btw (altho it does come with certain advantages, and certain disadvantages). I think the ability relates to my having a high level of flexibility with regards to learning (i've tried quite a wide range of subjects, and feel confident in pretty much any area of learning EXCEPT for SPORTS which i'm definitely not great at!), and having a diagnosed tendency towards Borderline Personality Disorder (which in my case, basically means I have a very weak and variable 'self concept'). I used to have low emotional regulation as well, but I've learnt to control my feelings. But to get back to the main question, I don't know whether I can genuinely say that I do have different personalities since some personality feel more 'natural' while others are more of a 'put on'. Probably I do have one core, or basic inclination that is the most 'comfortable fit'. I wouldn't mind hearing other ppl's analysis of my case, to get perhaps a more objective opinion. According to what I have said, I would be a socionics ENFp (Ne dom and Fi aux), but I mostly type-test as an Introvert (which I would agree with). I used to type as an INFp (but usually borderline E/I) back when I was emotionally unstable and depressed (the mental illness could have affected measures), but recently, I've been typing as INTj. I have also typed as INTp and ENFp in the past. I would say that I am more F than T, but have quite good Ti ability, altho I value Te more for it's emphasis on tangible, material change. I don't think of it as 'exploitative' as some Ti types might, but as directed towards efficiency, functionality and the greater good. Altho I also greatly value Ti, especially since it's helped me to think clearer, and to shake off my past irrational thought patterns that were having a severe effect on my productivity levels. I am definitely N (you've probably figured that out from my constant abstraction and badness at sport). I can have very good Si but I find I have to concentrate with it. Se is probably one of my weaker functions, but I can muster it up if I remind myself to. I should qualify all this by saying that i'm not too fussed about what type I am, as I don't think it fully defines a person anyway, and many ppl don't fully fit into the behavioural archetypes described, I'm more curious to hear what other ppl make of all this. -- Shez / the Shez
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