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Question #1234053926Sunday, 8-Feb-2009
Category: ESTj Advice INFp Love
Valentine's day is coming up and I was wondering how you could melt and ESTJ's heart. Particullary a guy. My boy. I know ESTJ's are like a brick wall... if there's anything nice and moving enough to bring him to tears of joy? Thanks. -- INFP girl
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A1 It really depends, ESTj's, like any type, can have different interests. But for a general suggestion, probably something that they could use, like a gift certificate to a clothing store or restaurant they like, tickets to a sports team they like, stuff like that -- An INFj
A2 The problem is, sweetheart, that you're trying to have him expel tears of joy, or have a big emotional reaction. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that's not a reponse that ESTj men are prone to. They'll be happy with some of the suggestions listed above, among other things, but don't expect them to get would be like asking Mother Theresa to eat a dead baby; it's just not possible. -- Anonymous
A3 why are you going for your conflictor? it'll do no good! oh wait... i did that :-X -- EIE chick
A4 Out of all the 'conflicting' relationships i heard this one works the best: male ESTJ, female INFP. But you are SOOOO INFP if you want (or even think) your ESTJ is going to be brought to tears. That's not what will win him over, that's what YOU want. I think for an ESTJ, he's just looking for normal steady relationship. A reliable person, who fits whatever standard he sees as 'normal'. They are likely to be gregarious and have a good time too. I think this relationship can work because both types are loyal. Just a forewarning though, you probably won't ever get any deeper in the relationship, and you'll have to be content with that. Find girlfriends that you can talk about more deep and philosophical issues with. -- Anonymous
A5 I wonder if the person the questor has in mind is actually an ISTJ or ESTP. My advice is to be yourself and give the best YOU can think of for them ~ and if you hit your target and he's thrilled, take it as a sign of some degree of compatibility. Also, I have found gift-giving advice according to zodiac sun signs to be a helpful guide. -- pinky parfait
A6 Much like A5, I would question if you are not perhaps INFj rather than INFp... -- Anonymous
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