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Question #1232566360Wednesday, 21-Jan-2009
Category: ISTj Visual Identification
This website says that male ISTjs often wear a mustache, is that true? -- Anonymous
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A1 "Often" might be a bit of an overstatement - none of the ISTjs I know wear mustaches. Still, it wouldn't surprise me if there was some kind of statistical correlation. -- Krig (INTj)
A2 It's better to say that when ISTj is wearing mustache, visual "type effect" becomes stronger. Paul Teutel of "American Chopper" is a perfect example ))) -- Anonymous
A3 Yes. -- Anonymous
A4 My ISTj used to have a mustache when he was younger but hasn't grew another one in decades -- An INFj
A5 My dad is an ISTJ and he doesn't have a mustache -- scarletdragon
A6 Yes. It is their Ne PoLR -- contra
A7 ya. I would have to agree that most ISTJs I know don't wear mustaches. That includes my dad and my brother; my brother is an ISTJ, is 13, and just started getting stubble on his upper lip. His first reaction was, "How the heck do I shave this thing off?", not, "Wow, this is cool". -- ENFJ
A8 A7...your dad is ISTj, your bro is ISTj and you are ENFj? ROFLMAO! I bet you think your mom is ENFj too -- Anonymous
A9 nope. she's ESFP, actually. I gave everybody the test. -- ENFJ
A10 None of the three ISTj's i know wear moustaches. Admittedly one is a woman. But the other two are fastidiously clean-shaven. -- Anonymous
A11 I think we should sample only people with moustaches to see if there are more ISTj then other types. I guess many people don't wear moustaches regardless of type because is not cool anymore. -- Vlad-INTj
A12 My Dad is an ISTJ and I dont think Ive ever seen him without one. -- Anonymous
A13 My dad has never had a mustasch... so that would be false. -- Anonymous
A14 Two out of the three ISTJs I have known in my life time have moustaches. -- ESTJ Female
A15 My dad is an ISTj and has had one as long as I can remember, but he didn't always have one in his pre-child days. I'm sure fashion plays some part in it. I don't really think moustaches are in style for younger generations anymore unless you also have a beard, regardless of personality type. -- Anonymous
A16 Yes, I'd have mine if my girl friend hadn't made me shave it off... MUSTACHE POWER! -An Unmustached ISTJ -- Anonymous
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