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Question #1232522366Wednesday, 21-Jan-2009
Category: Brain Personality
Is it possible for a small child's personality type to change after puberty and physical maturation? -- Anonymous
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A1 Not that we know of. From what I understand, type is usually set by the time the child starts talking, and probably before that. Puberty may change how the type manifests itself, or make other changes in the personality, but according to Socionics theory, the overall personality type does not change. -- Krig (INTj)
A2 Nо. But priorities within the type might change. There are different theories how our functions develop as the age grows, but the share some common ideas. From the wery birth we gain the experience through all 8 functions. Our stronger functions obviously learn faster and better, so as the years go they dominate more and more. Also our learning experience depends on our parents type. Our parents impose their experience and understanding on us. After puberty we become more and more detached from the parents and focused on our own vision. -- Cynic (ISTp)
A3 Eh. I know I was a lot more extroverted when I was little even though I'm an introvert. I guess most little kids are extroverted though... -- Anonymous
A4 One may call it change but I call it development of the introverted functions. These functions require experience or an accumulation of information or processes before they can start to become dominant, effective or efficient. They need more on the inside; one could call it maturity. Extroverted functions are used to bring more inside, so introverts can appear as extroverts. As well, personalities develop based on environmental factors, which can also confuse or delay the determination of type. I would suggest that introverted functions really start to shine in their twenties. -- I/O
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