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Question #1232276395Sunday, 18-Jan-2009
Category: INFp ESFp Intertype Relations
In what way does semi-duality manifest between an INFp and an ESFp? -- Anonymous
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A1 I dont know many INFps. Maybe because we choose different environments. But when we meet we communicate smoothly and we fulfill each other's needs. Just some INFps get on my nerves by being disorganized - they promise to write, for example, but they don't. I am probably spoiled by my organized and punctual INTp friends. But these are the qualities of my specific friends, not the type in general, because not all INTps I know are organized and not all INFps disorganized. There is one INFp that's the greatest expert in my field and he's organized, and also intelligent and hard-working. I admire him very much, he's kind of my hero (not ironically speaking). All in all, I'd say my relationships with INFps are very good, just we have moments of total cluelessness as to the other's way of thinking (but they are really only moments) and we sometimes choose topics for conversation that the other doesn't consider so vital. Sometimes also both of us would like the other to be more T - not to discuss people so much (INFps' Fe) or enthusiasm and aesthetics (my Fi). -- Ezis (ESFp)
A2 Well, ESFps are frequently outwardly flamboyant characters who exude style and panache and INFps often gravitate towards a bohemian lifestyle, so, I think these two types tend to notice each by and build relationships around their common respect and appreciation for flair, dramaticism, and aesthetic sensitivity as well as their shared valuation of expressly stated personal idiosyncrasy. Initially, the ESFp/INFp dynamic is warm and offers a sense of invigorating exoticism, but eventually a high-flown, grandiose tinge will present itself and tension, strain, and annoyance on the part of both types will begin to develop. The introduction of some space usually allows for this tension to dissipate and for the relationship to resume its former affable state. However, if the appropriate distance is not created, things will begin to deteriorate. The ESFp may begin resent the INFp as irresponsible and wildly desultory, while the INFp might come to regard the ESFp as nothing but a strutting, parading peacock. So somewhat ironically, while it is their shared ethical sensibilities (as in and ) that bring these two together, it is the concomitant lack of and that drives a wedge between them. The longer a positive relationship exists between an ESFp and an INFp, the more concentrated the focus will be around and , with the INFp esteeming the ESFp for his or her charisma and assertiveness, and the ESFp appreciating the INFp's melancholy dreaminess. -- metallurgy
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A3 Hahaha man, it's great you ask that. My sister's an ESFp.. and my good friend, an INFp, moved into my house for a good few months. I noticed that they had plenty to talk about, my sister about her daily experiences, my friend interpreting the meaning of them... good mix of & . however, problems began to arise... my friend started to see her as unalterably selfish (most likely due to his interaction with her ) and my sister couldn't stand what she saw as his insensibility (her reaction to his being her PoLR). Problems DEFINITELY came out of their valued judgments. However, like semi-duals, they couldn't quite stay mad at each other for too long. Metallurgy is dead on about the potential deterioration. -- ENFj
A4 A2+A3: I agree with both. Recently, I came to know more INFps and deeper relationships developed than I had experienced when I was writing A1. I have nothing to add, as you guys described all elements of our relationships. With some, it has deteriorated quite painfully like A2 described, with some, I am on very good terms. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A5 A1: spoiled by an INTp...the best line I've heard in weeks! -- Anonymous
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